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    This snus we have spiced with classic American hops tasty (we have used the hop oil, to get the pure taste of hops and avoid bitterness).We use one of the closest mythical kryddtobak called Perique.Taste: As a well-made IPA beer. A clear herbs, citrus and hints of exotic fruit.Nicotine 10mg / portionWhite: 16 G originals: 18 G

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    Odens Extreme Lime provides a very strong snus with a refreshing taste of vast summer 's freshest limes! The tobacco taste is mostly prominent and therefore a traditional snus touch. Odens lime extreme flows minimal and comes in a handy nice box with a lid. Nicotine content: 22 mg / g Contents per box : 18 g Moisture content: About 50 %

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    Oden's Vanilla White Dry Portion offers clean, white portion snus with a sweet delicious taste experience! Tobacco flavor is mainly prominent and therefore a traditional touch - but in combination with a twist of vanilla! Buy Oden's vanilla white dry online with Snus 24!Nicotine content: 22 mg/g Contents per box : 18 g Moisture content: about 28%

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    New Snus for Oden! Buy Odens Winter Extreme White Dry Slim serving. Buy Swedish snus online Snus24! Nicotine: 22 mg! Buy Odens snus online!

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    Expire 19 Nov 2017 Strong and lasting taste of spearmint / mint, some hint of sweetness.

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  • Nordic Storm Large White Fresh is a strong snuff in extra rich and white portion bags with clear mint character.

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    Buy Thunder Frosted White online with Snus24. Thunder Frosted white has a strong aroma of spearmint and a long lasting aroma. One of the classics.

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    Very nice snus can made of stainless steel with practical storage in the lidSize: 75mmMaterial: Stainless steelOther: This product can be engraved

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    Almost 100 years after the first dose, we are now launching Gothenburg Rapé permanently in a stronger variant - Gothenburg Rapé White Strong. A strong snus with 1.2% nicotine content and the characteristic flavor from Gothenburg Rapé. The snus has a light and spicy tobacco character with clear elements of lavender and juniper, as well as some wood and...

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    Odens Cold Extra Strong Portion is a strong snus with a balanced tobacco flavor and a pleasant flavor of spearmint. Buy snus online cheap with Snus 24!Nicotine content: 18 mg/g Contents per box : 18 g Moisture content: About 50 %

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    Buy Göteborgs Rapé Lös (loose) which has a loose snus that is easy to hand mold into a pillow shape to fit under the lip. This provides a fast flavor release with full bodied character.

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Snus24 works with high quality products and speedy shipments. We focus on satisfying our customers by providing the best service. Our customers are our first priority.

We take full responsibility for our products and shipments. Our vision is first and foremost to deliberately work with sustainability, also engage hand in hand with a long term profit.

We aim for our customers and other parties to feel safe and confident with us and the business we conduct.

"Customer Satisfaction is Our Guarantee!"

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Buy Swedish snus online with Snus24 today!

Snus24 works with high quality smokeless tobacco products and speedy shipments. We focus on satisfying our customers by providing the best service. Our customers are our first priority. We take full responsibility for our products and shipments. It's our goal to provide you with the lowest possible price. We aim for our customers and other parties to feel safe and confident with us and the business we conduct. Snus24 deliver snus world wide (except countries in the EU).

Our snus brands

We offer a wide range of snus brands from several manufacturer. The biggest of them all is Swedish Match which makes the world most famous snus General. Other brands from Swedish Match is General Variation, General Kardus, General G.3, Grov, General Mackmyra, Göteborgs Prima Fint, Ettan, Röda Lacket, XRANGE, The Lab, Catch, Kronan, Nick & Johnny, Tre Ankare, Probe och Kaliber. Other manufacturer we use is V2Tobacco which have Thunder, Phantom and Offroad, Fiedler & Lundgren which have Granit, Knekt, Mocca, Lundgrens, Scandinavian Premium Tobacco which have the brands Byron, WoW and Taboca, AG Snus with Kapten Snus and Blue Ocean, JTI that offers Gustavus Snus and LD, Winnington AB who makes the worlds first snus made with white tobacco, Epok who comes with seven different flavors!

Swedish snus is not just General snus

Swedish snus comes in two styles which are loose snus and portion snus (snus in pouches) though portion snus can be in many different sizes. Here are some examples:

Normal Portion: General Original, General Smoky Oak, General Rustic Blend, General G.3 Extra strong, General Licorice Portion, General Mackmyra, Gustavus Original, Grov Original, LD Original, Ettan Original, Kaliber Original, Nick & Johnny Red Hot, Nick & Johnny Americana, Nick & Johnny Desert Green, Jakobsson Melon Strong, Jakobsson Mint Strong, Jakobsson Wintergreen Strong, Jakobsson Dynamite, Kapten Original, The Lab 02, Granit Mint, Probe Portion, Knox Original, LD 30, Smålands Portion, Tre Ankare, Grov Strong Portion, Thunder Original, Thunder Ultra Original, Thunder Frosted, Thunder Extra Strong Raspberry, Thunder Ultra Strong Raspberry, Odens Melon Extreme, Odens doublemint extreme, Odens cold extreme, Odens 59, Odens Vanilla, Odens Vanilla Extreme

White Portion: General Classic White, General G.3 White, General Strong White, Gustavus White, Lundgrens White, Lundgrens Skåne vit, LD Salmiak White, Knox White, Göteborgs Rapé White, Kapten Licorice Large, The Lab 05 Strong White, Tre Ankare White, Knox White, Knox Blue White, Knox Strong White, The LAB 12 Fresh Mint Strong, Nick & Johnny White Strong, Kronan White, Kronan White Strong, Kapten White Mint. LD White, LD 30 White, Smålands White Portion, Thunder Frosted White, Thunder Wintergreen White, Thunder Ultra Frosted White, Kapten White, Kapten Mint White, Kapter Juniper White, Skruf Original White, Skruf Mynta White, Skruf Cranbery White, Crafted Snus Whistky White, Odens Double Mint White, Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme White, Odens Cold Extreme White, Odens vanilla white, Odens doublemint extreme white, Odens lakrits white, Odens cold white dry, Odens cold extreme white dry, Odens 69 White Dry, Odens 69 Extreme white dry

Mini Portion: General Mini White, General Mini Original, General Classic White Mini, Catch Original Licorice Mini, Göteborgs Rapé Mini White, Mocca Mint, Mocca Licorice, Jakobsson Melon Mini, Jakobsson Wintergreen Mini, Catch Dry Licorice Mini, XRANGE Catch Slim White Mint, Thunder Frosted Mini

Slim Portion: Skruf Slim Fresh White, General XRANGE Slim White, General XRANGE Slim, General XRANGE Slim White Strong, Catch Spearmint Long Slim, General Rapé Slim White, Thunder Cool Mint, Thunder Wintergreen, Thunder Frosted, Catch XRANGE Slim, Göteborgs Rapé XRANGE Slim White, General G.3 Normal strenght, G.3 Normal Strenght White, Lundgrens Berry, Lundgrens Fresh, General G.3. Licorice Mint, G.3 Normal Strenght White Mint, The Lab 24 Mint Licorice, The Lab 22 Mint Xylitol, The Lab 02 Original Portion, The Lab 12 Fresh Mint Strong White, The Lab 05 Strong White, The Lab 06 Extra Strong, The Lab 07 Extra Strong White, The Lab 13 Formula+, Lundgrens Dark Ice, Thunder Longer+, Nick and Johnny Green Ice

White snus: Epok Blueberry, Epok Coffee, Epok Mint, Epok Lime, Epok Melon, Epok Licorice, Epok Juniper Berry

Pre-baked: Lundgrens Förbakad

Loose: Ettan, General, Granit, Grov, Gustavus, Göteborgs prima, Göteborgs Rapé, Kapten, Knekt, Knox, Kronan, LD, Mustang, Odens, Offroad, Phantom, Probe, Royal snus, Röda lacket, Skruf, Smålands, Thunder