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  • Al Capone
  • Byron
  • Catch

    Catch – a portion snus that has evolved over the years.

    Catch Licorice was introduced on the Swedish market in 1984. At that time, it was Sweden's first portion snus with a non-traditional snus flavor. In 1986 a new, smaller format - mini – was introduced, and Catch has since been launched in many variations.

    Among other things, Catch has developed a special format, called Dry portion, which is a pouch with minimal runniness. Catch Dry Mini is sold in the flavors Licorice and Eucalyptus..

    Besides the Dry products, Catch is available as white portion in the flavors Licorice and Eucalyptus, as original mini portion in the flavor Licorice and as white mini portion with Spearmint flavor.

  • Chainsaw
  • Clove
  • Conny Andersson
  • Ettan


    The original recipe

    Ettan’s original recipe, with a rich blend of tobacco, salt and water, is a well-preserved secret from 1822. It was first developed and refined by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf, then improved and packaged for the mass market by his son Knut Ljunglöf, while always maintaining the highest possible quality standards.

    Knut Ljunglöf had a gift. He could tell the quality and moisture content of snus just by sniffing it. Every morning a silver tray with fresh snus from production was placed on his desk. He would then take a sample of the freshly made snus to his nose and sniff. If he nodded approvingly, the snus could be packaged and sold. If he was not satisfied, the entire batch was thrown away. Throughout the world, Knut Ljunglöf was known as the ‘King of Snus.’

    The Founder

    The story of Ettan didn’t start with Knut Ljunglöf. It started in Stockholm, as early as 1811, with Knut’s father, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf – the creator of the original Ettan and the person credited as the ‘inventor of modern swedish snus.’

    At just fourteen years old, he started in the tobacco industry, working in the oldest and most respected tobacco factory in Sweden. It didn’t take long for the factory manager to notice that the boy had something special. Always the first to come and the last to leave, he was filled with ideas on how to improve production. His ambition paid off when, at the age of 24, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf took over managing the factory.

    That same year, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf started to produce snus under his own name. But he wasn’t satisfied with the taste and was frustrated by the slow production process. At that time, snus was fermented for up to six months. As the smart businessman he had become, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf knew that time was money, and he knew he didn’t have the time, money or space to store snus that long. With that in mind, he was convinced that only by keeping the tobacco as fresh as possible could he produce what he considered the ultimate snus experience.

    A Sense for Science

    Snus had always been fermented and Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf’s vision to create a fresh snus was dismissed by most of his contemporaries. Luckily he knew someone who would be up for the challenge. He contacted his friend Jacob Berzelius, an internationally authoritative chemist and scientist, who was driven by the belief that nothing was impossible. Together, Ljunglöf and Berzelius developed a new method for producing snus with tobacco, salt, water and potash. The result was a fresh snus with the pure flavor of tobacco – much like today’s classic Swedish snus. Rather than taking months, this fresh snus took only one week to produce. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf kept this new production process secret and only wrote the formula down using his own special code.

    Ettan is Born

    Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf launched his number one as a separate, nationwide brand, Ettan, in 1822. Nearly all the Swedish snus manufacturers in the 1800s arranged their product assortment according to quality designations, such as No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. Ljunglöfs Ettan was the first manufacturer to successfully launch a nationwide quality brand product.

    Nose for Quality

    While it was Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf who created the recipe and brand Ettan, it was his son, Knut, who became known as the King of Snus. Knut Ljunglöf grew up surrounded by snus and seemed to inherit his father’s passion for it.

    The father laid the foundation for the product and brand, but the son brought them to perfection. One of his notable sayings was ‘Don’t raise the price, just raise the quality’.

    Knut Ljunglöf took over Ettan in 1860 and soon became one of the most successful Swedish businessmen of his time. He was known for his strictness, his big nose, and his sharp sense of smell for fresh snus. When asked about the secret behind the success enjoyed by Ettan, he was known to point at his nose exclaiming: ‘This here is my secret’.

    High-class Living

    High quality was the essence of life for Knut Ljunglöf. He ate only the best foods, wore hand-made clothes from exclusive materials, and lived in an impeccable home. He surrounded himself with perfection. And he was strict about maintaining the quality of Ettan. He would sniff the new snus batch every morning and often went to the fields where the tobacco was grown to ensure soil quality and that the curing barns maintained optimal moisture and temperature.

    For a long time, he refused to export Ettan because he felt he couldn’t guarantee that the product would keep its freshness and highest quality when delivered. However, he did make one exception and exported one delivery of fresh snus to Pope Leo XIII in Rome. Rumor has it that Ettan became the pope’s favorite snus brand.

    The State Takes Over

    Led by Knut Ljunglöf, the popularity of Ettan continued to grow, until it was the second most sold snus in Sweden, and he was known as one of the richest people in the country. However, his reign ended in 1915 when the Swedish State formed the newly organized AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet and took over the hundred snus brands on the market at the time.

    Although Knut Ljunglöf resisted the take over for a long time, he finally accepted the proposed takeover on the condition that his son, Robert, was appointed to the Board of Directors – in an effort to ensure that the quality of Ettan would be preserved.

    Today, the original Ettan lös is part of a larger product family. Ettan Original Portion was launched in 1990, and Ettan White Portion in 2006 – continuing to improve the quality of the Ettan brand and maintain its status as an innovator in the tobacco industry.

  • EPOK


    White tobacco is made through a patented and environment friendly production process which carefully purifies and refines brown tobacco. In the process, unwanted substances such as heavy metals and nitrosamines are eliminated. The first white tobacco product, the portion snus Epok, is completely white both before and after use. The feeling under the lip, the nicotine strength and the smell and taste are the same as with ordinary brown portion snus – but the snus won’t run or discolour your teeth.

  • General


    A recipe created out of a single man’s endeavor for perfection. Over 150 years ago, Johan A. Boman created the first pinch of General, a flavor revolution at that time. General has a large range of products in Sweden and is also spread internationally. General is a full-bodied snus – a blend of more than 20 tobaccos topped with a drop of bergamot oil. This creates a strong flavor that is spiced with a touch of pepper and citrus.

    The General family contains a lineup of many different varieties: Loose, Portion, Long, Mini, White, Strong, Extra Strong and Onyx. While their formats differ, they all share the typical General-flavor base and are packaged in a distinctive General can.


    The story of General is the story of the freemason and entrepreneur Johan A. Boman. He partnered with the tobacco producer Ferdinand Körner in 1850 founding Körner & Boman in Göteborg, or Gothenburg in English. Körner provided the capital backing, while Boman created the company’s vision.

    Boman was renowned in Gothenburg for his attention to detail. But sometimes his highly developed sense of taste could seem like a curse in disguise. At a fine dinner party he once expressed his struggle for perfection: ‘I can’t settle for anything second rate. I wish I could, life would be much easier if I could. But second rate quality takes all the pleasure away from me.’


    Johan A. Boman felt the same about his snus. When he couldn’t find a snus that lived up to his personal standards, he took things into his own hands. He travelled around the world collecting the best tobacco leaves he could find, and began experimenting with various recipe combinations. He even contemplated the production process. Boman would use only the finest parts of the leaves, removing any stems or veins, and dry them only in direct sunlight. He found that the younger leaves offered a stronger surge of energy. His tobacco was ground by hand and aged longer than most, in order to let it develop a smoother flavor.

    Boman’s search was extensive – it took more than four years of experimenting to develop the taste he wanted. In 1866, he finally found a recipe that he was satisfied with.A blend of 22 tobaccos topped with a drop of bergamot oil. The basic idea is known, but only a handful of master tobacconists can recreate it.


    Rumors of the fine tasting snus spread quickly throughout Gothenburg. Often, strangers would knock on Boman’s door asking to buy a pouch of his special blend. Ferdinand Körner died suddenly in 1859 and Johan A. Boman renamed their joint venture J. A. Boman & Co. As the company continued to grow, its sole owner soon became a wealthy man. In 1866 Boman & CO started producing General for the wider public.

    By 1885 Johan A Boman brought his youngest son, Gustaf Boman, in as partner, who soon took over the reins of the company. Gustaf was a healthy, elegant, well-appointed gentleman with a nose for business, just like his father. He was often seen on the avenues of Gothenburg with his fine suits and large mustache, which he proudly waxed every day.


    J. A. Boman & Co was a complete success story, and with the family’s quality brand, General, they became the third largest snus producer in Gothenburg. Gustaf Boman ran the business until 1915, when the entire Swedish tobacco industry was nationalized into a single monopoly.

    As the First World War raged in Europe, the Swedish state needed to fund both increased defense spending and finance the newly introduced national retirement pension system. A decision was made to nationalize all tobacco production and sales in Sweden, instituting a state monopoly. As a member of the Riksdagen´s (Parliament) first chamber, Gustaf Boman voted in favor of this action. The newly formed company, AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet, took over more than 103 snus brands, including General.


    The monopoly lasted until it was legislatively dissolved in 1967, at which point AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet became Svenska Tobak AB (which then grew into today’s Swedish Match AB) taking over all the brands and snus production in the country.


    Throughout its 150-year history, General has always been a leader in snus developmentBy 1985 a revolutionary invention, the portion pouch, was introduced.. Next, in 2003, General White Portion was launched as a snus that doesn’t drip in the same way as original portion snus. General Onyx was introduced in 2005 as a new alternative in the General family with its graphite black portions, presented in a formation that Swedish Match calls Star Formation®.

    Today, just as it was 150 years ago, General guarantees well controlled quality – a snus that keeps the tradition of Johan A. Boman’s work.

  • Granit
  • Grov

    A pure tobacco flavor, together with a coarsely ground tobacco, make up the character of Grov snus. Already from an early stage, Grov snus was a blend of coarse and finely-ground tobaccos.

    The origins

    Wilhelm Hellgren began his career in an office at Aperlins tobacco factory in Stockholm. During his younger years, he soaked up every bit of knowledge a tobacco maker ought to possess, and started his own manufacturing in 1840.

    In 1844, Johan Bäckström of Umeå started as an office worker at tobacco manufacturer W:m Hellgren & C., and a quick five years later became partner and co-owner of the firm.

    W:m Hellgren & Co enjoyed rapid success, and within ten years he was heading the country’s third-largest factory with its own retail stores in the centre of Stockholm and on Södermalm.

    In 1851, Wilhelm Hellgren set off for other pastures, leaving Johan Bäckström as sole owner of the firm he started. One of the snus brands made by W:m Hellgren & Co was Grovt snus, a popular snus up north. The Grov snus of today has its origin in this thiscoarsely-ground snus recipe.

    The Grov brand since 1872

    Grov has been a trademark since 1872, when it was still sold in its original loose form. Grov Original Portion was launched in 1983, and was followed twenty years later by Grov White Portion. The latest addition to the family is Grov Stark Portion, launched 2013.

  • Göteborgs rapé

    Göteborgs Rapé is one of our most recognised snus brands, and it has been around for nearly 100 years. Its mellow tobacco taste, with distinct notes of juniper, lavender and citrus sets Göteborgs Rapé apart from our other snus brands.

    As the name suggests, Göteborgs Rapé originates from the Swedish west coast. The snus was launched in 1919 and has since then become one of Sweden’s most recognised snus brands. Rapé is French for grated, and it refers to how members of the French society used snuff in the 18th century, when they grated the tobacco by hand. Nowadays, Göteborgs Rapé is ground just as regular snus, but the name has been kept intact so that its users would be able to recognise their product.

    In the 1990’s, Göteborgs Rapé was the first snus to be packed in white pouches. The new format replaced the original pouch, but at the request of our consumers the original format was re-launched in 2015. The surface is slightly moister compared to the white pouches, which results in a quicker and stronger flavour release.

    Over the years, Göteborgs Rapé’s original recipe has been continuously developed and adapted to the consumers’ demands and needs, as we have perceived them. Nowadays, Rapé is available in several different versions: White Large, White Mini, Loose and Original Portion. In addition to this, Göteborgs Rapé comes in the flavours lingonberry (Lingon) and cloudberry (Hjortron), along with the Slim Large White format of the XRANGE brand. All of them are distinguished by a mellow tobacco character with distinct notes of juniper, citrus and lavender.

  • Islay Whisky
  • Jakobssons

    Jakobsson's is a premium snus Gotland. The product is available in a variety of flavors. The quality is evident in both the fragrance, strength and taste.

  • Kaliber


    Swedish Match presents the modern alternative snus - Kaliber. A pouch for those who are looking for an simple snus without wanting to compromise on quality. Kaliber snus produced by Swedish Match's high quality standards and has a familiar, close tobacco flavor with hints of citrus.


    Kaliber snus produced by Swedish Match's high quality standards and has a medium-bodied and floral tobacco flavor with hints of wild herbs, citrus and red berries.

  • Kapten

    KAPTEN is a new snuff, but the development has been based on knowledge acquired from five generations of experience in the manufacture of tobacco. KAPTEN is a real traditional snuff, but the taste has been given a modern touch makes KAPTEN a snuff of this century.

  • Knekt
  • Knox

    Knox is a classic Swedish snus without compromise since its inception in 2006. It is a snuff that offers great value for money which makes it a snuff to trust. Nowadays it is the second largest snus brand.

  • Kronan



  • LD
  • Lundgrens
  • LYFT
  • Mocca
  • Nick & Johnny

    With Nick & Johnny we have challenged our own opinion about how a snus is supposed to be.

  • Odens
  • Offroad
  • Olde Ving
  • on!
  • Phantom
  • Siberia

    Siberia is one of the strongest snus in the world. Siberia is manufactured by GN Tobacco

  • SISU
  • Skruf
  • Smålands
  • Taboca
  • The Lab

    During the autumn of 2008, Swedish Match gathered a development team consisting of scientists, designers and snus users. Their assignment was to develop a new snus, and the result was the brand The Lab, which was launched in the Norwegian market in 2009.

    First to be released were the mixtures 01 and 02, featuring a tobacco flavour with notes of green herbs, oak, cedar along with a hint of almond. The work also led to a new snus format; the long narrow pouches we call slim. The pouch is designed to be less visible, whilst maintaining a relative plumpness under the lip.

    For The Lab, we also developed a formula that makes the pouch less runny, but with a more intense flavour release.

    The can design focuses on the numbers. Focusing on innovation and function, The Lab currently has several products with different characteristics, nicotine strengths and flavours.

    Following the first releases, 01 and 02, the range has been extended further, and today The Lab’s portfolio consists of nine different products, all named after the respective number used as a code to differentiate the mixtures in the laboratory during the development process.

  • Thunder
  • Tre ankare

    The first portion snus introduced by Swedish Match in 1977.

    At that time, many traditional loose snus consumers scoffed at the new-fangled concept, but this new way to use the product has stayed. The portion pouches were easier to place behind the lip and remove, leaving no residue on your fingers.

    Tre Ankare has a rich tobacco character with clear hints of smoke and wood and a slight hint of herbs and earth.

    Tre Ankare Mini was introduced in 1986 and today it is also available in White Portion.

  • WoW!
  • XRange

    XRANGE is a snus series consisting of seven products with well-known flavours from the Swedish Match brand collection. Thanks to a new technology the portions are long lasting with minimal drip. The series will continuously grow with new features and product launches.


    Large portions in a slim format for an optimized fit under the lip


    Portions with a more even and longer lasting taste*


    Portions with lower drip*

    *compared to other large products from Swedish Match.

  • U Sample
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