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    White Portion snus in thin perforated bags so that you come closer to the snus, Rich tobacco flavour.

    14,35 kr 20,50 kr -30%
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    Lundgren's Portion is a pouch of thin perforated bag for faster flavor. Snus has a rich tobacco taste with a sensation of pine needles and meadow flowers.Lundgren White Portion is a pouch which is the first on the market with a perforated sachet. The bag allows you to get closer to the tobacco and therefore gives a greater flavor than other white portion...

    19,70 kr
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    Buy Lundgrens snus online, Skåne Vit (white) Portion. Made with eco-friendly tobacco planted in Fjälkinge, Skåne in Sweden. A rich tobacco flavour with tones of swedish forest berries. White perforated bag that enables the taste to come through.

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    Lundgrens Skåne Slim White Portion contains organic tobacco grown in Fjälkinge, Skåne. The snus has a clear tobacco flavor with tones of Swedish forest berries.

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    Lundgren Förbakad (pre-baked) Original is a revolution in snus. Combining the clean taste experience of loose snus with the convenience of portion snus. Shapable pieces without any of the stickiness. The taste is dominant with dark tobacco tones, balanced with light floral notes. We don't have this product is stock. Are taken home by request.

    295,00 kr
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items