Snus24 works with high quality products and speedy shipments. We focus on satisfying our costomers by providing the best service. Our costomers are our first priority. We take full responsibility for our products and shipments. Our vision is first and foremost to deliberately work with sustainability, also engage hand in hand with a long term profit. We aim for our costomers and other parties to feel safe and confident with us and the business we conduct.

Snus24's affairs contains 4 view points that describe our view on ethics.

  • Customer focus- listen to the costomer and always assist to their needs.
  • Credibility- we take responsibility and explain our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Brand- a strong Snus24 brand with quality products and world class services.
  • Provider- to build strong and long term ties with suppliers.

Our goal is to constantly excel at what we do by having cooperation and a common approach. Also, knowing the importance of those involved in the distribution process. Starting from the supplier, to the co-worker, then to customer.

Perfect service! Love Swedish snus!

Brad Peters, Toledo USA

Fast shipment and good support. Will definitly buy again.

Bobby Ward, Atlantic City USA

Love you guys. Getting Swedish snus to China is great!.

Johan Lidén, Shenzhen, China

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