77 Forest Fruits

77 Forest Fruits Nicotine Pouches è un mix da sogno per ogni escursionista della foresta!

  • 1 piece 4,76 EUR/piece
  • -8% 10-pack 4,39 EUR /piece
  • -9% 30-pack 4,33 EUR /piece
  • -10% 60-pack 4,27 EUR /piece
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4,76 EUR
77 Forest Fruits
77 Forest Fruits 77 Forest Fruits

Flavor Profile: Explore the lush flavors of the forest with 77 Forest Fruits Nicotine Pouch. This variant captures the essence of mixed berries, delivering a vibrant and juicy flavor profile that brings the freshness of the forest to every pouch.

Slim All White Format: Enjoy the discreet and comfortable Slim All White format, designed to fit seamlessly under your lip. Free from tobacco, this pouch allows you to experience the full spectrum of forest fruit flavors without the need for traditional leaves.

Nicotine Strength: With a robust nicotine level of 20mg/g, 77 Forest Fruits Nicotine Pouch offers a strong kick, perfect for those who seek both intense flavor and strength in their snus.


Declaration of Content: Water, fillers (E460), flavor enhancers (saline), aromas, nicotine, xylitol (E967), thickeners (E401), acidity regulators (E500), sweeteners (E950).

Maggiori Informazioni
Nicotine (mg/g)20mg
Content (g/can)10g
Content typeNicotine
TypeAll White
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