Strongest snus and nicotine poches?

Strongest snus and nicotine poches?

In recent years, there have been lots of nicotine bags on the market with sick nicotine strengths. But what exactly are the strongest products?

There are a lot of products out there with insane nicotine strengths, e.g. Supreme and more but they contain too much and are even dangerous so we do not recommend anyone to buy!


But if you are looking for a really strong snus / nicotine bag, we will clarify what is available, at least with us!

First we have the Siberia Red White Dry -80, which most of the snusers are familiar with. 
Siberia is manufactured by Gajane AB and have a high nicotine strenght of 43mg/g

Flavor: refreshing flavor of Spearmint and a previously unimaginable high nicotine content.


Then we have a product that was originally made by V2 but which a few years ago was acquired by Swedish Match,
the OFFROAD X White dry.

This snus has a strength of 45mg / g which is 2mg/g higher than Siberia Red.

Offroad X is the strongest snus that Offroad has ever made. It has a lasting taste of mint and menthol and contains as much as 45 mg of nicotine per gram.

Offroad snus is also available in mini portion, original portion, white portion and loose snus


But tobacco-free then?

Well, as most people are familiar with, there is the legendary Pablo X.
It is said to be a nicotine strength of 50mg / g !!
This product is just like Siberia one of the best selling products with us.
People really like strong stuff !!


What do you think? 

Strong enough for you?