Makla Ifrikia

Makla Ifrikia takes its name from the area that extended from the city of Constantinople to Libya during the 10th century. Richly flavoured, it is the epitome of Makla-style tobacco blending. Content 20g

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Makla Ifrikia
Makla Ifrikia Makla Ifrikia

Makla meaning 'food' in Arabic, Makla is an ingenious blend of selected 'Rustica' chopped tobacco leaves (cut into small pieces using blades) and texturising agents.

Comprising 33% tobacco, the remaining 67% of ingredients are made up of various products from the Makla range which are all classed as food-grade and/or natural products.

Tha Makla brand of chewing tobacco comprises 4 lines that retain the original essence whilst meeting the individual needs of seasoned consumers, those who appreciate the flavour of Rustica or anyone looking for something new.

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