VID Artic Blast Strong

VID Arctic Blast wurde für diejenigen geschaffen, die die kühle Frische wollen, die nur Minze geben kann.

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VID Artic Blast Strong
VID Artic Blast Strong VID Artic Blast Strong

Arctic Blast is created for those who want the cool freshness that only mint can give. There is a sweetness behind the explosive mint but it is the whole that is the focus of this product. We have worked with the different shades of mint that give a clear taste, while it is difficult to put your finger on. What we have focused on, however, is to bring the beauty and strength of the Arctic into a nicotine bag - we hope that it brings your thoughts to a sparkling landscape where the permafrost and unconditional cold reign.

Weitere Informationen
Nicotine (mg/g)20mg
Content (g/can)15.4g
Content typeNicotine
TypeAll White
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