Makla 4.0

Makla 4.0 presents a loose chewing tobacco renowned for its gentle tobacco essence and potent nicotine concentration, catering primarily to seasoned users and avid smokers.

Crafted as a commemorative edition for the brand's 40th anniversary, Makla 4.0 chewing tobacco is housed in sleek, understated boxes designed for easy handling and discreet use.

Utilizing Makla 4.0 tobacco is straightforward. Select a desired amount from the box, mold it into a ball, and place it beneath the upper lip. The distinctive flavor and robust nicotine hit are instantly discernible upon application.

  • 1 piece 3,07 EUR/piece
  • -12% 6-pack 2,72 EUR /piece
  • -15% 30-pack 2,61 EUR /piece
  • -25% 120-pack 2,29 EUR /piece
  • - +
3,07 EUR
Makla 4.0
Makla 4.0
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