XQS Twin Apple Strong

Un gusto succoso e ricco di mele appena raccolte.

  • 1 piece 4,76 EUR/piece
  • -8% 10-pack 4,39 EUR /piece
  • -9% 30-pack 4,33 EUR /piece
  • -10% 60-pack 4,27 EUR /piece
  • - +
4,76 EUR
XQS Twin Apple Strong
XQS Twin Apple Strong

A juicy and rich taste of freshly picked apples. The aromas offer the sourness of green apples and the sweetness of red apples. (This pouch is naturally colored by the fantastic aromas, which means that it is not completely white.)

Maggiori Informazioni
Nicotine (mg/g)20mg
Content (g/can)10g
Content typeNicotine
TypeAll White
ManufacturerXQS International
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