Experience unmatched intensity with Chapo White Nicotine Pouches. Designed for those who seek the ultimate nicotine experience, these pouches deliver a powerful 51mg/g of nicotine, providing a robust and exhilarating sensation in every use.

Chapo White Crystal Menthol Danger Strong

Dive into the bold, refreshing world of Crystal Menthol. This powerhouse nicotine pouch combines a potent menthol kick with unrivaled strength, making it the strongest version of the popular Crystal Menthol flavor. Each pouch offers an intense, invigorating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Chapo White Brutal Cold Danger Strong

Prepare for an extreme, icy sensation with Brutal Cold. This potent nicotine pouch features a chilling mint burst that delivers an intense cold and strength in every use. The 51mg/g nicotine content ensures a powerful and exhilarating experience, perfect for those who crave a strong, refreshing kick.

Discover the ultimate in strength and flavor with Chapo White Nicotine Pouches, where each variety offers a unique, intense experience.

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