Röda Lacket

Röda Lacket snus is loose snus that also surprises those who like products of this type with a gentle aroma of dried fruit and leather. It is pretty easy to form a perfect portion, as this snus is finely ground. The manufacturer is Swedish Match.

The history of snus Röda Lacket 

So, Röda Lacket brand is Swedish snus that has an impressive history. Its history began in the 1700s. At that time, Peter Swartz had decided to open a snus factory. Indeed, he was pretty successful: when things went fine, the tobacco crops occupied the area of about fifty soccer fields. Pretty impressive, isn't it? Moreover, this factory impressed people by choosing to sell their products not in the standard packaging (paper one), but in metal boxes of an original design. As a result, sales increased, as more people were willing to Röda Lacket snus buy.

At the very beginning, there were 7 recipes of snus. Six generations continued the family business, making it more and more popular each year. As a result, this brand became one of the biggest brands. It was officially registered in 1897. Later on, in 1915, the industry was monopolized, which meant centralization for Röda Lacket. But because of the huge market size, the factory closure did not take place immediately. Nowadays, the brand is still alive, producing high-quality products for snus lovers. Today, it is possible to find snus from this brand in loose form only. Any person can buy Brand snus online easily. 

Why do people choose Röda Lacket snus? 

The answer to the question of why people choose snus from this brand lies on the surface. Röda Lacket Loose is the pure definition of "classic" Swedish snus. If you want to enjoy a classic taste of high-quality tobacco while forming the right portions yourself, this is a sound choice. The level of nicotine is 7,5mg/g, which is pretty enough to enjoy all the benefits of this product. Although this snus is loose, it is pretty easy to bake: even beginners will cope with it easily. This tobacco strength is normal, suitable both for genuine snus lovers and for inexperienced people.

Röda Lacket snus effect

So, what effects can one expect from Röda Lacket snus usa? All in all, this snus is a nice choice if you want to enjoy the classic taste of mild tobacco with gentle notes of fruit and smoke. It is the classical choice if you are tired of exotic tastes and want to remember the classical taste as it should be. 

Snus Röda Lacket taste range

If you want to buy Röda Lacket online, you must be interested in what tastes are offered. In fact, only one taste is available - the classic one. Nevertheless, it does not reduce the popularity of this snuff: plenty of people buy Röda Lacket online daily, eager to enjoy the classical taste of this old-fashioned qualitative product. It consists of:

  • Nicotine 8%.
  • Salt 4%.
  • Water 52%. 
  • Natural and artificial flavors.

Who is Röda Lacket good for?

As we have mentioned, this snus is a pretty mild one, which means it is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Rich aroma, clear flavors of dried fruit, herbs and smoke make this product interesting in taste both for those who like exotic products and for people who prefer classical products. Easy to bake, enjoyable to use - this snus can be purchased in our Röda Lacket snus shop - snus24.com - at an affordable Röda Lacket snus price. The content per can is 42g. 

Speaking about the cost Röda Lacket snus, the price starts from 4.01 USD per can, 36.10USD per 10-pack, 105.90USD per 30-pack. 

Buy Röda Lacket snus online in our store

For those who'd like to enjoy the nostalgia when tasting classical snus with a rich taste, buying a product online is the easiest choice. On snus24.com, it can be purchased either individually or in packs (which actually helps to save your money, as in this case, the price per can is much lower). If you are eager to try this snus but face any difficulties, feel free to contact us: our manager will help you to solve any problems and choose the best product for you. Here are the benefits of choosing snus24.com:

  • Rapid delivery.
  • A huge amount of goods offered.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Fresh snus only.
  • Helpful managers.

Verdict of Röda Lacket

People are different: some prefer sophisticated tastes, while others enjoy classical ones the most. No matter what category of people you belong to, you will enjoy Röda Lacket: we guarantee it.

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