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Welcome to our New Products page, your gateway to the latest and greatest in the world of snus and nicotine pouches. Here, you'll find a carefully curated selection of innovative and exciting products that cater to your evolving tastes. From new snus flavors to cutting-edge nicotine pouches, we stay on the pulse of emerging trends to bring you the freshest options in the market. Dive in and discover the future of smokeless satisfaction with our new arrivals!

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  1. Chapo White Brutal Cold
    Chapo White Brutal Cold
  2. Chapo White Crystal Menthol
    Chapo White Crystal Menthol
  3. Loop Hot Peach Strong
    Loop Hot Peach Strong
  4. Göteborgs Rapé Botaniska White
    Göteborgs Rapé Botaniska White
  5. G.3 RIZE Blackcurrant
    G.3 RIZE Blackcurrant
  6. ZYN Cool Frost
    ZYN Cool Frost
  7. Stingfree Maltese Lemon
    Stingfree Maltese Lemon
  8. XQS Spearmint Strong
    XQS Spearmint Strong
  9. NOIS Ice Mango 4mg
    NOIS Ice Mango 4mg
  10. NOIS Extreme 4mg
    NOIS Extreme 4mg
  11. NOIS Blueberry Ice 4mg
    NOIS Blueberry Ice 4mg
  12. XQS Arctic Freeze X-Strong
    XQS Arctic Freeze X-Strong
  13. XQS Cool Ice X-Strong
    XQS Cool Ice X-Strong
  14. XQS Arctic Freeze Ultra
    XQS Arctic Freeze Ultra
  15. XQS Cool Ice Mini
    XQS Cool Ice Mini
  16. Kelly White Hot Cherry
    Kelly White Hot Cherry
  17. Skruf Superwhite Fresh Freeze Ultra Strong
    Skruf Superwhite Fresh Freeze Ultra Strong
  18. 77 VB Edition Arctic Berry
    77 VB Edition Arctic Berry
  19. NOIS Cool Strong 4mg
    NOIS Cool Strong 4mg
    Out of stock
  20. 77 VB Edition Arctic Berry 4mg
    77 VB Edition Arctic Berry 4mg
    Out of stock
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