Al Capone

Al Capone snus is a brand that offers mini snus that is available in four flavors. Mini portions provide a pretty high effect, compared to other mini snus brands. It contains 6 - 8 mg nicotine which releases very fast.

The history of snus Al Capone

Swedish tobacco for oral use, known as snus, is on everyone's lips these days, both literally and figuratively. This tobacco product crossed the borders of the Scandinavian countries and since then has enjoyed great popularity throughout Europe. Al Capone Snus is the Swiss market leader in the mini snus category. Plenty of people order snus Al Capone online to enjoy all the benefits of this unique product. Let's have a more detailed look at it.

Why do people choose Al Capone snus? 

Al Capone is pure white snus that is significantly drier than other types of snus. This is achieved through additional cleaning and helps to keep the snus flowing less. Dry sachets mean it takes a little longer for the nicotine and flavor to release. And, of course, this is a great advantage. In addition, Al Capone snuff is known for its rich taste and high-quality standards. Since this is refined snus, only the highest quality tobacco leaves are used in its production, so nicotine is released even faster.

Al Capone is known as a modern and trendy snus brand in the mini portion snus category. The portions of this snus are smaller than traditional ones. Many snus users report that pouches of this size make snus using enjoyable because such pouches fit the lip very well and do not feel like a “thick lip”. Also, these thin and small pouches are sold in special small jars that will fit perfectly in your pocket. But the smaller sachets lose neither the flavor nor the amazing snus feel. And the nicotine content of Al Capone snus is relatively higher than regular mini-portions.

Al Capone snus effect

As it was previously mentioned, each pouch contains a higher than usual amount of nicotine. 6-8 mg per pouch is pretty enough to enjoy the vivid taste and amazing effect of this tobacco product. 

Having opened a stylish can, one will immediately feel the amazing aroma of the snus, which can be compared to cough drops. People who like this snus brand say that the kick is almost immediate. You place it under the lip - and here is the effect. This is one of the most common reasons why people keep choosing this brand and buy Al Capone online. Moreover, the nicotine rush is expected to last even longer, compared to bigger portions, which is also a significant advantage. The average time one can enjoy the delicious taste is about half an hour (with a pouch in a mouth).

Snus Al Capone taste range

A great benefit of Al Capone snus usa is that it has a rich selection of different unusual flavors. But Al Capone snus price is almost the same for all of them. Here are the tastes that are available nowadays.

  • Vanilla snus by Al Capone: strong vanilla flavor with some sweetness and traditional tobacco flavor.
  • Al Capone coffee snus: a rich coffee aroma with a delicious tobacco flavor.
  • Al Capone's mint snus: a refreshing yet slightly sweet mint flavor with the classic tobacco flavor.
  • Berry snus by Al Capone: long-lasting flavor of sweet, delicious berries with a hint of tobacco.

These intense, unusual, and full-bodied flavors make Al Capone snus an excellent luxury product. There is a good chance of finding a flavor of Al Capone snus that will become your favorite.

Who is Al Capone good for?

If you want to buy Al Capone snus online, you should understand that this snus is good for both beginners and experienced snus lovers. If you are looking for a unique product to enjoy during a busy business day for a long time, our Al Capone snus shop - is just what the doctor ordered. 

Buy Al Capone snus in our store

Eager to Al Capone snus buy? We are here to help you! In our store, you can purchase all Al Capone snus flavors that are available nowadays. Moreover, you can buy products in packs, thus saving money. As for the cost Al Capone snus, it starts from 3.99USD per piece. Pretty affordable, right? Moreover, the more you buy, the more you save! Making an order is easy, the delivery is quick and global.

Verdict of Al Capone

Who would refuse to enjoy a taste of quality tobacco for more than half an hour? Several delicious flavors, reasonable price, ease of use, make Al Capone snus a great choice.

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