LOOP snus is white, soft pouches without tobacco. They offer a quick nicotine kick thanks to the Instant RushTM technology and guarantee a controlled and long-lasting release of nicotine.

The history of snus LOOP

When it comes to snus review, the first thing that must be paid attention to is the origins of this or that product. Speaking about LOOP, it is manufactured in Sweden. Yes, this is another Swedish snus that is worth your attention. The manufacturer is Another Snus Factory. In fact, LOOP is the first product they released. Nevertheless, it gained popularity rapidly and is now loved by people all across Europe. 

Why do people choose LOOP snus? 

Snus LOOP offers different nicotine levels, depending on what your needs are. You can also choose from many exciting and unique flavors that will last for a long time and give a pleasant aftertaste.

LOOP comes in the world's first environmentally friendly snus can - PlantCanTM. Such a can consists of more than 50% vegetable material and the rest of the material of the box is made of recycled plastic. This is done to reduce the impact on our environment, which underlines that manufacturers take care of it.

The innovative snus brand Loop from the progressive Swedish manufacturer is attracting more and more consumers. All pouches contain only carefully selected and cleaned components of vegetable fibers, which above all leads to all-white contents and no tooth discoloration.

The classic flavors offered by the traditional snus manufacturers cannot astonish experienced snus users. That's why they're looking for something new, unusual, like LOOP snus. 

LOOP snus effect

LOOP is a brand known for snus that has a faster effect. So, having put a pouch in your mouth, you will feel an explosion of taste and tobacco hit. The strength of a hit depends on the tobacco level you have selected. Some of the LOOP products are really strong, so pay attention to them. Moreover, various tastes also produce different effects, which is pretty interesting to explore.

Snus LOOP taste range

If you want to buy LOOP snus online, you should know how numerous its favors are: there are Loop Sicily Spritz with a delicious blend of sweet orange with a hint of bitter lime, Loop Jalapeño Lime Slim Strong with a special blend of spicy jalapeño, and lime, amazing Mango Tango strong that will bring you to a tropical paradise. There are also other flavors you can purchase in any LOOP snus shop. Those include:

  1. Habanero Mint Extra Strong.
  2. Salty Ludicris Strong.
  3. Salty Ludicris.
  4. Mint Mania Strong/Extra Strong.
  5. Classical Mint Mania. 

As you can see, the choice is impressive. But what about the LOOP snus price? The cost LOOP snus starts from 5.31USD per can. But if you already know what LOOP is and are eager to get more than one can only, you can buy them in packs. This will help you to save money greatly. For example, if you decide to purchase a 10-pack, you save about 10%. If you go for a 30-pack, you save 12%. 

The nicotine levels are as follows:

  1. Normal - 10 mg/g;
  2. Strong - 15 mg/g;
  3. Extra Strong - 20 mg/g.

Who is LOOP good for?

If you are already attracted by numerous benefits and interested in LOOP snus buy, don't hurry up. Before making an order, you must understand whether the product you have selected is suitable for you. For this, check the nicotine levels. 

Normal is the best choice for beginners, while extra-strong is aimed at experienced snus lovers. 

Buy LOOP snus in our store

Do you want to experience this unforgettable snus experience from LOOP snus usa? Then buy LOOP online! In our snus24.com store, different products are available to you. 

Here you have the opportunity to buy snus at fair prices, you benefit from a good price-performance ratio and the fast delivery of your portion of the enjoyment.

Verdict of LOOP snus

So, what is LOOP? This eco-friendly product is definitely worth trying if you love products of this type. A wonderful selection of flavors, strong nicotine hit, full cleanliness... This is not the full list of its benefits. Another plus is the ease of making an order, quick and global delivery you can enjoy having selected to order it from snus24.com. 

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  1. Loop Hot Peach Strong
    Loop Hot Peach Strong
  2. Loop Ice Cool Mint Strong
    Loop Ice Cool Mint Strong
  3. Loop Hot Rhubarb Strong
    Loop Hot Rhubarb Strong
  4. Loop Habanero Mint Hyper Strong
    Loop Habanero Mint Hyper Strong
  5. Loop Jalapeno Lime Hyper Strong
    Loop Jalapeno Lime Hyper Strong
  6. Loop Red Chili Melon Strong
    Loop Red Chili Melon Strong
  7. Loop Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong
    Loop Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong
  8. Loop Jalapeno Lime Mini
    Loop Jalapeno Lime Mini
  9. Loop Mint Mania Mini
    Loop Mint Mania Mini
  10. Loop Mango Tango Strong
    Loop Mango Tango Strong
  11. Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong
    Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong
  12. Loop Salty Ludicris Strong
    Loop Salty Ludicris Strong
  13. Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong
    Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong
  14. Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong
    Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong
  15. Loop Mint Mania Strong
    Loop Mint Mania Strong
  16. Loop Cassis Bliss Strong
    Loop Cassis Bliss Strong
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  17. Loop Mango Tango Mini
    Loop Mango Tango Mini
    8,00 CHF Ab 6,70 CHF
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