Nick & Johnny

Nick & Johnny snus is made by Swedish Match snus and it is characterized by a very strong flavor. This snus contains 11 mg per pouch, compared to the typical 8 mg. There are different tastes presented.

The history of snus Nick & Johnny 

It is not surprising that Scandinavian snus continues to gain popularity. There are many reasons for this. An important reason now is the results of numerous modern studies that have confirmed that snus is a good alternative to smoking and can help stop smoking. You don't believe in research? Then what do you think about the fact that cigarette consumption among the Swedish population has long been rapidly declining, while snus consumption is increasing. As the experience of the Swedes shows, these are not empty words. Swedish tobacco giant Swedish Match took this fact into account and developed a special brand of snus - Nick & Johnny, which differs in that this snus is designed to help all smokers quit smoking.

Snus Nick & Johnny is relatively new in the snus market and was first introduced in Norway, where it quickly became a popular choice of snus. The first product - the Original - was released in 2006. One year later, it was time for Nick & Johnny Strong. Nick & Johnny is available in classic and white snus. Moreover, different flavors are offered, such as crushed ice, green ice, red hot, and Americana. Snus contains elements of red chili pepper, cinnamon, cherries and mint - depending on what taste you choose.

The product was first called Captain Yankee. Later on, rebranding took place.

Why do people choose Nick & Johnny snus? 

At first, Nick & Johnny snus usa appeared on the tobacco market only in Norway. A year later, when the manufacturer noticed a growing demand for this snus, the brand was significantly expanded. Nick & Johnny stands out from the other brands of the Swedish tobacco giants with extremely high nicotine content, about 45% more than the average brand. This is why it is known to release nicotine much faster. Today, several types of snus are available on the market with special flavor combinations. These are the top reasons why people choose it and buy Nick & Johnny snus online: high nicotine content, several flavors available, quick release of nicotine.

Nick & Johnny snus effect

The effect of this snus is an immediate and enjoyable release of nicotine that impresses even the most experienced users. The aftertaste is nice and gentle; it is different for every flavor. 

Snus Nick & Johnny taste range

As we have already mentioned, those who buy Nick & Johnny online are attracted by the flavors available. So, let's take a closer look at them.

  • Nick & Johnny's Crushed Ice is a strong portioned snus characterized by an unusual combination of flavors - a refreshing, tingling winter mint flavor with a light sweet mint aroma (there is also Crushed Ice extra strong).
  • Nick & Johnny's Green Ice is a medium-bodied White Portion snus with a rich flavor of sweet green mint and strong peppermint.
  • Nick & Johnny's Loose is a relatively new variety of this brand with a traditional, rich and strong tobacco flavor.
  • Nick & Johnny's Red Hot Extra Strong is a strong snus in original portions. It has a strong taste of red chili and a clear cinnamon base.

As you can see, one can easily find different flavors and Nick & Johnny snus buy.

Who is Nick & Johnny good for?

If you are already interested in cost Nick & Johnny snus and want to buy it, we'd like to inform you that it is better to use this product if you are experienced enough. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed with such a tobacco bomb. 

Buy Nick & Johnny snus in our store

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Verdict of Nick & Johnny

Indeed, this snus is one of the best options for experienced users who want to expand their horizons and try new impressions and flavors of snuff.

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  1. Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice Xtra Strong White
    Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice Xtra Strong White
  2. Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice Xtra Strong
    Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice Xtra Strong
  3. Nick and Johnny Green Ice Slim
    Nick and Johnny Green Ice Slim
  4. Nick and Johnny Red Hot Xtra Strong
    Nick and Johnny Red Hot Xtra Strong
  5. Nick and Johnny Americana Xtra Strong
    Nick and Johnny Americana Xtra Strong
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