Shiro snus is a tobacco-free Swedish invention that contains nicotine. It has a fresh mint flavor with the scent of menthol and other additives.

Snus Shiro Origin

Japan is a part of the world that still inspires people for interesting inventions. This is a country of big cities, old traditions, marvelous nature views, and weird dishes. Snus Shiro takes inspiration from Japanese culture, blending interesting flavors and high-quality material in a special way.

AG Snus is a mother company for Shiro that has created new all-white chewing tobacco that suits modern living. Not all modern people love pure tobacco flavors. But they still need a good dose of nicotine to feel well during the day. The white nicotine bags you can order from the Shiro snus shop are filled with pure plant fiber, with added nicotine extract, and NO tobacco.

Why Choose Shiro Snus?

  • It is not an easy thing to get an ideal mint taste. Therefore Shiro can boast its perfectly balanced taste with sweet and fresh notes and an average strength between 14-16 mg/g.
  • It's an incredibly simple product with no tobacco and slim portions.
  • Shiro snus usa shops offer the best innovative changes. You feel them when you put the nicotine sachet under your lip and feel an extremely strong nicotine boost and an effective taste.
  • Shiro is a dry chewing substance that is very effective if you keep a sachet in the mouth for an hour.

Snus Shiro Effect

This wonderful combination of flavors is contained in compact bags that are conveniently placed under your lip and will not cause any discomfort. In addition, each sachet from the jar is dry and releases its taste gradually and at the same time quite powerfully, which allows you to enjoy this taste throughout the period of use. The nicotine content of 12 mg / g may not seem strong enough, but it will be just right in combination with the exquisite mint taste!

If you are going to buy Shiro snus online you should learn more about its nicotine effect. This excellent combination of flavors is blended in compact bags. These bags are slim and accurate to place under your lip and will not cause any discomfort. If Shiro strength is not enough for you, can offer more interesting variants.

Snus Shiro Tastes

Do you want Shiro snus buy online? The quality of this brand is known all over the world. It may be a perfect variant if you don’t like pure tobacco taste and need more herbal sounds.

True North Slim All White

These nicotine sachets are good for snusers who like mint and menthol flavors. It’s not about sweetness but rather about cooling and refreshing wintermint effects. The taste is interesting but not new. This is exactly what you should try this summer.

Cool Mint Strong

You can buy Shiro online in this cool variant if you need some refreshment. A unique combination of mint and menthol will affect your sensors and give real freshness with no tobacco taste.


If you like mojito cocktails, this snus is for you! Trying this, you’ll feel a classic mojito combination that includes mint and lime. The product provides an effective nicotine experience and a completely pure flavor. Remember, Shiro pods are well-balanced and don’t contain tobacco.

Pina Colada

This Shiro variant is the best for snusers who like sweet flavors. Of course, mint and menthol tastes rather boring. Many people prefer trying something more interesting like pineapple and coconut, all in one cocktail. The portions are slim and white, with balanced moisture to make the sachets easy to chew.

Who Are Shiro Products Good For?

As you already know, Shiro snus price is rather adequate as for non-tobacco products of high quality. At you can find attractive proposals for $3.99 per can. Don’t forget that the nicotine pouches of this brand contain 9- 16 mg of nicotine per serving.

This product will be a perfect purchase for snusers who like the original taste of Swedish snus and mint flavors. These products are complete without any tobacco and do not color your teeth!

Buy Snus Shiro In Our Store

Buy Swedish snus for the most attractive proposal at The cost Shiro snus cannot but please you. Visit our shop and get fresh products delivered straight to your home. We guarantee fast, easy, and fair prices with shipments worldwide. Explore our wide range of snus brands and pick one that you like the most. 

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    Shiro #11 Tropical Passion
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  2. Shiro #4 Spiced Blond Strong
    Shiro #4 Spiced Blond Strong
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  3. Shiro #05 Sour Lime Strong Slim
    Shiro #05 Sour Lime Strong Slim
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    Shiro #03 Extra Strong Slim
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    Shiro #01 Fresh Mint
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    Shiro #06 Sour Red Berry Slim
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  7. Shiro #02 Cooling Mint Slim
    Shiro #02 Cooling Mint Slim
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