Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit snus is classified as a tobacco-free product. Traditional snus is made from tobacco leaves but Nordic uses plant-based materials instead.

Snus Nordic Spirit Origin

The manufacturer of snus Nordic Spirit is a creative invention of Nordic Snus (JTI) Sweden company. They decided to invent an absolutely new alternative to smoking with natural nicotine extract and no tobacco in each bag. Finally, the company has created a new interesting taste of snus, done with the progressive technologies.

Remember, Nordic Snus is focused not only on snus presentation and good taste but on keeping old Swedish snus traditions and their improvement and development.

Why Choose Nordic Spirit Snus?

  • When you’ve got your first box from Nordic Spirit snus shop, you will minimize smoking.
  • Nordic Spirit packages are the last chance for those who want to forget about cigarettes but start eating instead. Chewing snus is the only way out.
  • Do you feel a nicotine hunger? Just put one nicotine bag under your lip and forget about smoking for some time.

Snus Nordic Spirit Effect

However, non-tobacco Nordic Spirit still contains nicotine, either 6 mg/g or 9 mg/g, so you will get the same effect as from chewing a classic tobacco-in product. Keep in mind, when you buy Nordic Spirit snus online, you’ll hardly find a stronger option for this brand.

Like any other snuff, Nordic Spirit comes in small bags that fit under your lip. You can keep a sachet in the mouth for hours while nicotine is absorbed through the gums into your bloodstream. It's really simple and tastes pretty good.

Snus Nordic Spirit Tastes

How to use Nordic Spirit safely in everyday life?

As mentioned above, Nordic Spirit packages are really easy to use. All that is needed is to open the can, take out the bag, and put it under your lip. As soon as the sachet is placed in your mouth, you will feel slight nicotine burnt.

That's it. Leave the sachet in your mouth as long as you want, but most people usually take it out after they stop flavors - usually in an hour. Take another pod if you need to boost up your nicotine level again. You decide how many chewing bags you need a day.

What are the main tastes of Nordic Spirit buy at

Here, you have three main options:

  • Elderflower: This is the softest of all snus flavors. The notes are delicate but taste really great. You will appreciate this flower taste, of course, if you like sweet fragrances.
  • Mint: If you are a fan of mint, this snus taste is available to buy online. Each nicopod leaves a refreshing mint taste in the mouth. It tastes like your favorite chewing gum, only with Nordic Spirit specific mint flavor.
  • Wild berries: This innovative option is one of the most requested ones on the Nordic Spirit snus usa market. It actually tastes like bergamot with a slight scent of sweet berries.

Who Are Nordic Spirit Products Good For?

Each Nordic can contains 30 chewing bags and each packet works for about an hour. This means that you potentially have packages for five days if you don't use them too quickly. You can buy Nordic Spirit online for $3-4 only.

Some people believe it is always best to use a stronger snuff version, especially if you're a heavy vaper or smoker, 6 mg/g will be too light for you even for such an attractive Nordic Spirit snus price.

  • Who is Nordic Spirit for? In fact, it's quite simple: if you want to quit smoking, Nordic Spirit will suit you
  • If you want to reduce or give up vaping, Nordic Spirit is also for you. Chewing a tasty bag, you will hardly think of vaping or smoking.

Buy Snus Nordic Spirit In Our Store

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