Vika Black

Experience the robust intensity of Vika Black, one of the most powerful tobacco snus on the Swedish market. Crafted from a delicate blend of premium tobaccos sourced from Africa and Europe, with a hint of bergamot and a refreshing menthol aroma, Vika Black delivers a straight and strong kick that lasts for approximately half an hour. Try it today and discover its bold flavor and long-lasting satisfaction. The dry white pouches ensure minimal drip.

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Vika Black

Flavor Profile: Vika Black offers a rich and robust tobacco flavor with a refreshing hint of mint, providing a bold and invigorating snus experience.

Brand Information: Vika Black is renowned for its powerful and intense tobacco blend, making it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking a strong and satisfying snus experience.

Nicotine Strength: With an impressive nicotine content of 28mg per gram, Vika Black delivers a strong and long-lasting kick, ensuring a fulfilling experience for discerning users.

Manufacturer Information: Crafted with precision and care by Vika, Vika Black promises superior quality and satisfaction. Packaged in a double chamber container for convenience, Vika Black offers a premium snus experience for tobacco enthusiasts.

At, we guarantee freshness and swift delivery to ensure your satisfaction. Explore our full Vika collection here.

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)28mg
Content (g/can)13g
Content typeTobacco
TypeWhite Dry
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