Granit Loose

Granit Loose is a loose snus with a clear, pure taste of tobacco. The mixture of tobacco and spices is made according to the Swedish snus tradition. It is a lightweight loose snus made of high quality in mind.

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  • 1 piece 5,20 CHF/piece
  • -2% 10-pack 5,10 CHF /piece
  • -4% 30-pack 5,00 CHF /piece
  • -8% 60-pack 4,80 CHF /piece
  • -19% 120-pack 4,20 CHF /piece
  • - +
5,20 CHF
Granit Loose
Granit Loose
Weitere Informationen
Nikotin (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)40g
Content typeTobacco
ManufacturerFiedler & Lundgren
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