Lundgrens Västkusten

Experience the essence of Sweden's west coast with Lundgrens Västkusten White, featuring a unique blend of rose hips and heather for a distinctively refreshing flavor.

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  • 1 piece 5,20 CHF/piece
  • -2% 10-pack 5,10 CHF /piece
  • -6% 30-pack 4,90 CHF /piece
  • -15% 60-pack 4,40 CHF /piece
  • -21% 120-pack 4,10 CHF /piece
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5,20 CHF
Lundgrens Västkusten
Lundgrens Västkusten Lundgrens Västkusten

Flavor Profile: Dive into the refreshing taste of rose hips and heather with Lundgrens Västkusten White. Each portion delivers a pure and authentic flavor, perfect for snus enthusiasts seeking a premium experience.

Brand Information: Lundgrens Västkusten White embodies the spirit of Sweden's west coast, offering a taste of its natural beauty and unique flavors. Crafted with precision, it provides a genuine and satisfying snus experience.

Nicotine Strength: With a nicotine content of 10 mg/g, Lundgrens Västkusten White offers a moderate nicotine kick, suitable for both occasional and regular snus users.

Manufacturer Information: Manufactured by BAT, Lundgrens Västkusten White ensures exceptional quality and consistency. BAT's dedication to excellence guarantees a premium snus product that exceeds expectations.

Indulge in the pure taste of Sweden's west coast with Lundgrens Västkusten White. Explore our Lundgrens collection here.

Weitere Informationen
Nikotin (mg/g)10mg
Content (g/can)20.4g
Content typeTobacco
ManufacturerFiedler & Lundgren
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