LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim

LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim All White Portion has a classic taste of liquorice, but with modern serving bags. Chalk white, strong and tobacco-free.

With LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim All White Portion you get 100% white and tobacco-free portions with high nicotine content and powerful delivery. The taste of licorice is clear and contains elements of anise, salmonia and caramel.

Instead of tobacco, LYFT contains fiber from eucalyptus and pine. The nicotine is extracted from ordinary tobacco, just as it should be.

Experience how memories are brought to life with LYFT Liquorice Strong. Let the scent and taste of real liquorice with hints of anise, salmoniak and caramel take you back in time. Feel the round and soft flavor explode.

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  • 1 piece 7,80 CHF/piece
  • -6% 10-pack 7,30 CHF /piece
  • -45% 30-pack 4,30 CHF /piece
  • -46% 60-pack 4,20 CHF /piece
7,80 CHF
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LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim
LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim
Weitere Informationen
Nikotin (mg/g)14mg
Content (g/can)14.7g
Content typeNicotine
TYPAll White
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