ZYN Mini Espressino

ZYN Espressino has a dark character and as the name implies it has a clear element of coffee, interspersed with cocoa, nougat and vanilla.

ZYN Espressino combines the strong notes of coffee with the sweetness of cocoa, nougat and vanilla. Together they form a dark character with deep flavors and sweet tones. ZYN Espressino has strength 2 of 4.

Auf Lager
  • 1 piece 6,90 CHF/piece
  • -6% 10-pack 6,50 CHF /piece
  • -17% 30-pack 5,70 CHF /piece
  • -20% 60-pack 5,50 CHF /piece
  • -28% 120-pack 5,00 CHF /piece
  • - +
6,90 CHF
ZYN Mini Espressino
ZYN Mini Espressino ZYN Mini Espressino
Weitere Informationen
Nikotin (mg/g)7.5mg
Content (g/can)8g
Content typeNicotine
TYPAll White
ManufacturerSwedish Match
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