Siberia red White Dry mini

Siberia -80 White Dry Mini by GN Tobacco, available at Snus24, brings the legendary taste and strength of Siberia White Dry in a convenient mini format. With a super strong nicotine level of 43mg/g, each of the 20 white mini pouches is packed with the classic spearmint taste. Ideal for a discreet fit, Siberia White Dry Mini delivers a potent and enjoyable snus experience in a smaller package.

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Siberia red White Dry mini
Siberia red White Dry mini

Flavor Profile and Format: Siberia -80 White Dry Mini retains the classic spearmint taste and super strong nicotine strength of the legendary Siberia White Dry but in a mini format. The 20 white mini pouches ensure a perfect and discreet fit under your lip, providing a potent and enjoyable snus experience.

Nicotine Level: With an intense nicotine level of 43mg/g, Siberia -80 White Dry Mini is classified as super strong. Each mini pouch contains 19.35mg of nicotine, offering a robust kick in a smaller size.


  • Brand: Siberia
  • Type: White Portion
  • Format: Mini
  • Taste: Tobacco, Spearmint
  • Nicotine Level: 43mg/g
  • Content: 9g
  • Strength: Super strong
  • Siberia -80 White Dry Mini brings the legendary Siberia taste and strength in a convenient mini format.
  • 20 white mini pouches with a classic spearmint taste.
  • Super strong nicotine strength for a potent snus experience.
  • Perfect and discreet fit under your lip.
More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)43mg
Content (g/can)9g
Content typeTobacco
TypeWhite Dry
ManufacturerGN Tobacco
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