Siberia snus is the strongest Swedish product in the tobacco world. Its strength is 42 mg/g, which is 5 times stronger than regular snus.

Snus Siberia Origin

Snus Siberia is considered one of the best quality versions of GN Tobacco Sweden. The company specializes in the import and sale of both tobacco products and accessories. The main distinctive feature of Siberia is excellent value for money.

Why Choose Siberia Snus

  • The strongest nicopods you’ve ever met in a Siberia snus shop.
  • Siberia meets the expectations of smokers and freezes people’s gums and even the entire oral cavity as it should. Menthol feels unobtrusive but very confident.
  • Yes, one nicopod corresponds to 8 cigarettes with a strength of 0.5 mg/g.
  • Siberia belongs to dry snuff, which means you’ll get a slow but powerful effect. The nicotine spreads on the body from the gums to the feet in 30-60 minutes, while you keep the sachet under your lip.

Snus Siberia Effect

The product comes in different sizes mini, large, and maxi in sachet similar to tea bags but smaller ones. You choose the size according to your smoking experience. Remember, Siberia kicks in the heels! This is how most users would describe the effect.

How to use Siberia to get the strongest effect:

  • Open the snus can.
  • Take a snus sachet and put it between the lip and the gum.
  • After a short while, you will have a dizzy and rushed feeling.

Snus Siberia Tastes

Thanks to a wide range of snus tastes in you can buy Siberia snus online in all its variations. If you suddenly have difficulty choosing snus, you can always contact our manager and get a personal selection depending on your preferences.

White Dry

This sort of Siberia is the strongest and most powerful chewing tobacco on the market today and is not a product for beginners! It has a strength of 43 mg/g and an aggressive tobacco flavor with a spicy mint aftertaste.

Slim White Dry

Siberia slim white dry, as expected, is very strong. The taste and strength are similar to other products in the Siberian family. There is a slight hint of mint and a pronounced taste of tobacco.

Slim Brown

Are you going to buy Siberia online? Its taste is - identical to the original red which is a leader of sales in the USA. The sachets have a natural mint taste like the original portion of Siberia -80 Degrees Slim White Dry. But there is also a sound of dark tobacco which is immediately felt as soon as you open the can.

This kind of Siberia has a very distinctive mint taste that everyone likes. The nicotine content is 43 mg/g, therefore don’t buy it if you are sensitive to nicotine!


Ready for a new challenge? Siberia in the black color is another bright and boosting tobacco flavor from the Siberia collection, with the same nicotine level as the popular White at 43 mg/g. This product has a wonderful rich tobacco taste, supported with a strong nicotine kick! So be careful, this is not for beginners. These portions are soft and very moist.

Who Are Siberia Products Good For?

For those who need strong snuff and powerful effects, GN Tobacco offers Siberia snus buy online. This tobacco product is perfect! The manufacturer has successfully recreated the taste of the brute strength and freshness of the Siberian winter in a nicotine mixture. And the combination of fragrant meat and resistant tobacco is absolutely amazing.

The products of the Siberia line suit experienced smokers, who expect a strong nicotine boost and vivid taste sensations. Siberia snus is perfect for people who want to quit smoking and give up regular cigarettes. Nicotine pads do not cause a negative effect on the lungs and do not leave smoky trails. All these qualities of snus noticeably win against ordinary cigarettes.

Buy Snus Siberia In Our Store

Siberia snus usa shops offer different tobacco goods of this brand with different tastes. But you can order it at for a more affordable price. Buy one or more types of original Swedish snuff and experiment without reducing your nicotine dose. At the same time, the price for strong smokeless tobacco does not differ from the cost of other popular brands.

How much is the cost Siberia snus on the wide web? The price mostly depends on the product taste and packaging:

  • Brown portion goes for $3.29
  • White dry portion goes for $3.29
  • Slim white and white dry goes for $3.49

As you can see, Siberia snus price is rather democratic and the quality is guaranteed. Our consultants will give you the right direction and choose the most pleasant tobacco variant. Delivery and payment are carried out in a way convenient for you.

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    Siberia Blue White
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