Sting Free

Introducing Stingfree, an innovative nicotine pouch that revolutionizes the user experience. Unlike traditional pouches, Stingfree features a groundbreaking design with a patented protective barrier on one side, specifically crafted for gum protection. The blue side of the pouch acts as a barrier, reducing burning and irritation on the gums while enhancing the overall flavor and nicotine experience. Meanwhile, the white side of the pouch facilitates the release of nicotine and flavors.

The inspiration for Stingfree emerged when founder Bengt Wiberg faced concerns about gum damage from his dentist, prompting him to seek a solution. Bengt experimented with various patches on one side of the pouch and discovered that the usual sting associated with pouches could be eliminated while still preserving flavor and nicotine delivery. The technology is now patented, and instead of traditional plasters, a biofilm made from renewable plant fibers is employed.

Sting Free AB, the brainchild of Bengt Wiberg, ensures that all aspects of production, including nicotine pouches, biofilm, and ISCC-certified cans, are manufactured in Sweden.

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