Lyft snus doesn’t contain tobacco but gives a powerful nicotine hint. The sachets are filled with a white substance, being a good alternative to tobacco.

Snus LYFT Origin

What is Lyft? This is a sort of Swedish snus which is rather different from classic chewing tobacco as we see it. First of all, snus Lyft mixture is a creation of British American Tobacco that takes care of its consumers and doesn’t add pure tobacco into the snuff pods. Also, the company continues improvements and produces chewing mixtures of an impressive diversity of tastes and flavors.

Forget about classic mint or eucalyptus. Here, on, you’ll find many more Lyft tastes.

Why Choose LYFT Snus?

Why is Lyft better than many other brands? Here is why:

You can easily use bags from the Lyft snus shop instead of cigarettes. It is not a problem to quit smoking or just smoke healthier with the help of non-tobacco nicotine pods.

  • You feel a powerful nicotine boost, which lasts longer compared to cigarettes (4 packs of snus a day is equal to a pack of your favorite cigarettes).
  • You don’t mud your mouth, teeth, or clothes.
  • You can chew nicopods anywhere on the go, in transport, when traveling, or even in a plane, where smoking is prohibited.

Snus LYFT Effect

The strongest pods of Lyft snus buy in is 14 mg/g, the weakest comes with the figures 6 mg/g. Even if it sounds too simple for you, try first. Each cellulose bag is filled with an absolutely ideal combination of nicotine and salt that you’ll get the same effect and relaxation as from your favorite Siberia.

Snus LYFT Tastes

According to clients’ feedback, Lyft is the most delicious of all snus available in the American market. Lyft snus usa shops offer the most popular mint tastes that are very similar to chewing gum. This can be the best chewing experience you’ve ever tried. Chewing snus of this brand you’ll never feel headache, vomiting, or a strong desire to water your mouth.

Ice Cool

Keep in mind, all Lyft variations don’t contain tobacco but contain nicotine. This cooling exemplar has a bright refreshing taste of mint with a slightly fruity aftertaste. The sachets are slim and white. It is interesting to know that manufacturers use special eucalyptus fibers blended with tobacco extract.

Caribbean Spirit

Meet another invention from the Lyft brand. This exotic taste will suit everyone who loves pina colada (a tasty cocktail based on light rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice). When you put the bag under your lip you feel the taste of sweet coconuts and ripe pineapples. You can hardly feel typical snus burnt or refreshment like after Lyft Ice Cool or Freeze, but the nicotine hint is very smooth and long.

Ruby Berry

Are you going to buy Lyft snus online and try to pick the most interesting taste? Try a new Lyft invention with a taste of aromatic berries. The nicotine content of each portion is 8 mg/g, but it feels much stronger. When you open the can, you’ll be amazed by a fresh, slightly sweet strawberry smell. It may sound girly but, anyway, the portions are thin and comfortable, moist enough to taste quite natural.

Licorice Strong

If you are going to buy Lyft online from, we offer the weirdest taste for real snusers. Licorice-flavored portions are very strong even despite the real figures. One nicopod contains a nicotine dose of 14 mg/g. That’s not the end, the bags have a balanced taste of pure tobacco and licorice.

Freeze X-Strong

This is the strongest Lyft exemplar. It feels like you’ve got a super-strong mixture in your mouth, 10-15% stronger than it really is. All-white nicopods have a taste of cooling mint and refreshing menthol.

Who Are LYFT Products Good For?

It feels like this sort of snus is almost ideal. Its taste, the proportion of salts and nicotine, and the quality of the packaging look perfect for everyone who wants to quit smoking and switch to something lighter and tastier. After all, cigarettes are more harmful to your health than pure nicotine. What is the cost Lyft snus then? It’s not higher than other popular snuff brands.

Buy Snus LYFT In Our Store

We know how difficult it may be for our consumers to pick one from so many tastes and types of chewing tobacco. The Lyft snus price traditionally starts from $3 and goes higher. To help you to decide on a choice, our managers are always in touch and ready to help! You can read the description of any Lyft taste you like - we'll pick it up for you personally with a good sale.

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  1. LYFT Midsummer Night Strong
    LYFT Midsummer Night Strong
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  2. LYFT Morning Bloom
    LYFT Morning Bloom
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  3. LYFT Tropic Breeze Mini
    LYFT Tropic Breeze Mini
  4. LYFT Tokyo Zing
    LYFT Tokyo Zing
  5. LYFT Caribbean Spirit
    LYFT Caribbean Spirit
  6. LYFT Easy Mint Mini
    LYFT Easy Mint Mini
  7. LYFT Mini Royal Purple
    LYFT Mini Royal Purple
  8. LYFT Blonde Roast Slim
    LYFT Blonde Roast Slim
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  9. LYFT London Flair Slim
    LYFT London Flair Slim
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  10. LYFT Ruby Berry Slim All White
    LYFT Ruby Berry Slim All White
  11. LYFT Urban Vibe
    LYFT Urban Vibe
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  12. LYFT Easy Mint Mellow Slim
    LYFT Easy Mint Mellow Slim
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  13. LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim
    LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim
  14. LYFT Winter Chill X-Strong Slim
    LYFT Winter Chill X-Strong Slim
  15. LYFT Berry Frost Mellow Slim
    LYFT Berry Frost Mellow Slim
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  16. LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim
    LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim
  17. LYFT Mint Slim
    LYFT Mint Slim
  18. LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim
    LYFT Liquorice Strong Slim
  19. LYFT Lime Strong Slim
    LYFT Lime Strong Slim
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  20. LYFT Ice Cool Strong Mint Slim
    LYFT Ice Cool Strong Mint Slim

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