New ONE Snus has been developed together with Swedish snus users and the result is a snus with portions, thinner snus paper and more powerful taste compared to previous ONE. Together, these properties provide a greater snus experience.

The new ONE comes in five different flavors. Each taste has its own character and signature with a color that also tells something about its origin and taste. Two of the flavors are also brand new: ONE GUL with the taste of Orange Flower & Herbs and ONE GRÖN with the taste of Forest Berries & Dried Fruit.

ONE BLÅ, ONE VIT and ONE SVART have been updated and received larger pills compared to previous ONE snus, as well as a new name.

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Set Descending Direction
  1. ONE Grå White
    ONE Grå White
  2. ONE lila
    ONE lila
  3. ONE Röd Original
    ONE Röd Original
  4. ONE Svart Original
    ONE Svart Original
  5. ONE Vit White
    ONE Vit White
  6. ONE Blå White
    ONE Blå White
  7. ONE Orange
    ONE Orange
    Out of stock
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