Great mint taste, neutral aroma, balanced tobacco mixture, and a strong nicotine strike are Odens snus benefits. Plus, the pods fit well under the lip.

Snus Odens Origin

Odens is an original work of the world-popular procreator GN Tobacco. The brightest representatives of this brand come at the tastiest prices at snus24.com. Odens chewing goods are intended for the diversified taste and requirements of consumers being one of the world’s most recognizable names. The Swedish manufacturers run a successful business and export snus Odens to the whole world in the form of totally different tastes and packaging.

Speaking about the snus strength, it is usually measured in the contents of pure nicotine in a gram of tobacco substance. CG company is also a creative producer of the strongest Swedish snus called Extreme.

Why Choose Odens Snus?

  • The quality of Odens products is high and the prices are rather adequate in comparison with other popular brands.
  •  This brand has much to offer to its customers. You can always buy Odens snus online which is extremely comfortable and meets your individual needs.
  • Odens classic flavor is powerful enough to suit most consumers.

Snus Odens Effect

It is quite feasible to find your favorite taste - thanks to the huge choice of products offered by the Odens brand. Here, you can buy chewing pods with 8-10 mg/g for the ordinary consumer, and portions with extra strength of 22 mg/g for chewers who really want to get a good portion of nicotine doping.

Snus Odens Tastes

Odens snus shop is primarily known for their line of extra-strong EXTREME nicopods, but they also have less strong snus varieties. Plus, Odense offers a line of additional tastes such as caramel, lime, and cloves. With such a large selection of contrasting snus flavors, your chances to pick the one you desired are high.

Cold Dry: this taste will be an ideal solution for those who value the true taste of tobacco, rich and incomparable. You will also feel the fresh sound of mint.

Cold Extreme Loose Packaging: this kind of packaging is mostly appreciated by real smokers and tobacco lovers. Their intense taste, subtle minty notes, and moist consistency will give the desired effect. This product is distinguished by its high strength.

Extreme Cold: nicotine bags are filled with pleasantly moist tobacco that has a sweetish flavor and a slight sound of menthol. Produced since 2014.

Double Mint: this Odens has a refreshing aroma of mint and menthol. The dry sachets allow the nicotine to affect more slowly but still be powerful.

Odens, like Thunder and many other popular brands of snus, contain high levels of nicotine. Unlike cigarettes, these tobacco products are used with no fire, which means with no harmful carcinogens and combustion products.

Who Are Odens Products Good For?

Do you want Odens snus buy right now? If you smoke a lot and cannot imagine your life without tobacco, then pay attention to strong chewing mixtures and medium-strength snus. The benefits of snus over smoking tobacco are significantly less harmful to your health. Since Odens is not smoked, it does not form combustion products and doesn’t enter the lungs. This reduces the number of harmful substances entering your body.

Buy Odens Online In Our Store

The brand's line at snus24.com is presented with several options so that everyone can choose the best variant of snuff according to its taste, aroma and, and of course, the price. And the Odens snus price will please you a lot, especially if you decide to visit our online store. The average price starts from $3.29-3.81 per can and $30 per 10 cans.

How to use Odens correctly?

  • Place a nicopod between the upper lip and the gum, so salivation will be minimal. You can place the bag on the left or right in the mouth, but not in the middle, as you can get a bridle burnt.
  • Relax and enjoy! At first, you’ll feel a slight sting and burn in the gums area. After a while, you’ll feel a pleasant relaxation.

How to buy it?

The snus24.com online store gives you an excellent opportunity to buy quality Swedish snus at a nice price. We have the most attractive cost Odens snus on the web. If you need professional advice - no problem, we will advise what to choose for both beginners and experienced "chewers".

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  1. Odens Cold Extreme White Dry MINI
    Odens Cold Extreme White Dry MINI
  2. Odens Vanilla Extreme
    Odens Vanilla Extreme
  3. Odens Lime Extreme
    Odens Lime Extreme
  4. Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Slim
    Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Slim
  5. Odens Cold Extreme White Dry 16g
    Odens Cold Extreme White Dry 16g
  6. Odens Original
    Odens Original
  7. Odens Cold Extreme White Slim
    Odens Cold Extreme White Slim
  8. Odens Menthol Xylitol Extreme White Dry
    Odens Menthol Xylitol Extreme White Dry
    Out of stock
  9. Odens Lime
    Odens Lime
    Out of stock
  10. Odens Vanilla
    Odens Vanilla
    Out of stock
  11. Odens Cold Extreme Loose
    Odens Cold Extreme Loose
    Out of stock
  12. Odens 59 Extreme Loose
    Odens 59 Extreme Loose
    Out of stock
  13. Odens Original Extreme Loose
    Odens Original Extreme Loose
    Out of stock
  14. Odens No3 Extreme Loose
    Odens No3 Extreme Loose
    Out of stock
  15. Odens Extra Strong Loose
    Odens Extra Strong Loose
    Out of stock
  16. Odens Licorice Loose
    Odens Licorice Loose
    Out of stock
  17. Odens No3 Loose
    Odens No3 Loose
    Out of stock
  18. Odens Double Mint Extreme White
    Odens Double Mint Extreme White
    Out of stock
  19. Odens Cold Extreme White
    Odens Cold Extreme White
    Out of stock
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