Today, Skruf snus is the most popular Swedish brand. Snusers appreciate their quality products, available in different strengths and many variants.

Snus SKRUF Origin

Centuries have passed since the Swedes started chewing tobacco for the first time. This interesting tradition has improved with the years and now you can get a needed dose of nicotine from chewing accurate tobacco bags. From time to time the innovations appear that change the snus market a lot. These innovations shape the way snus is known today: paper bags have been replaced by accurate cellulose sachets put in very accurate cans.

The manufacturer of a popular snus Skruf is AB Sweden Company, founded by two creative friends in 2002. They just wanted to develop premium high-quality snus for people. Skruf and Knox are two products of the same company and both are very popular today.

Why Choose SKRUF Snus?

The reason why Skruf snus has become one of the most requested tobacco products in modern reality is obvious.

  • The manufacturers use only fresh high-quality raw materials for their goods.
  • They are not afraid of combining interesting innovative tastes and flavors.
  • They have an absolutely genius product development strategy.

Snus SKRUF Effect

You can buy Skruf snus online and use nicotine bags everywhere without polluting the environment and causing harm to people around you, so-called passive smokers. The pods are completely white and the risk to color your teeth is minimal. What is more, most of these white sachets do not really contain tobacco - they even don’t have the taste of tobacco, which many find unpleasant.

Using Skruf nicotine sachets for the first time, you feel a slight burning under the lip, which will gradually decrease. If you can’t stand that burning effect, just change the position of the nicotine pod and put it on the tongue for a while. Also, drink some water or just spit out. The product strength on the Skruf snus shop is 26 mg/g which is strong enough but absolutely acceptable for people with the smoking experience.

Snus SKRUF Tastes

As it was told before, the Skruf team likes experiments with tastes and flavors. What you can choose from?

Cranberry White

The most popular Skruf snus buy from our shop is chewing white tobacco with a taste of ripe berries. The sachets are white and dry, providing long-lasting effects. People do love fruity flavors so no surprise that these purple tablets are not kept on the shelves for long.

Strong Loose

Meet another snus portion from Skruf snus usa. This one is considered the strongest Skruf invention as it is sold loose. Here, the tobacco leaves are freshly dried, making the flavor of each portion more intense and also increases the nicotine boost. The flavor is of pure and mild tobacco.

Nyans Jordskott

According to its name, this snus variant will help you to get in touch with severe Swedish nature. These medium-strong white sachets have an intense tobacco flavor with a pleasant scent of aromatic fruits. It is especially recommended for people who prefer natural tobacco aroma to other innovative mixtures. You can now buy Skruf online at


This medium-strength portion snus will impress you with the most unusual flavor: citrus and rose oil. A drop of oil makes the flavor more intensive.

Original White

This taste is similar to the Original taste but a bit improved. Still, you can enjoy a pleasant taste of citrus oils but the portions are dry and pleasantly white.

Who Are SKRUF Products Good For?

Skruf snus price is not surprising, corresponding to the product’s high status. What is more, Skruf comes in two different strengths: medium and strong. They all got full-bodied tobacco characters and they deliver a well-rounded flavor that is complemented with tasty tones of aromatic additives. This is the best choice for smokers who need an immediate nicotine hint.

Buy Snus SKRUF In Our Store

Skruf snus comes in many variations, formats, and flavors. The average cost Skruf snus starts from 3.99 per can. In our online store, you can buy Skruf in the amount of 10 cans and more. offers many brands similar to Skruf with a distinct tobacco flavor. If you want to try something more innovative, try snuff with mint or fruity hints. The nicotine content also varies greatly between snus brands.

Which one is the best snus for you is hard to say - you will have to try snus and will find your favorite.

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  1. Skruf #2 Super White Nordic
    Skruf #2 Super White Nordic
    Skruf Super White Fresh Max No6 Regular
  3. Skruf Super White Slim Fresh #5
    Skruf Super White Slim Fresh #5
  4. Skruf #4 Super White Nordic Extra Stong
    Skruf #4 Super White Nordic Extra Stong
  5. Skruf Super White Solbär Slim
    Skruf Super White Solbär Slim
  6. Skruf Super White Super Slim Frozen Shot Extra Strong
    Skruf Super White Super Slim Frozen Shot Extra Strong
  7. Skruf Super White #2 Slim Björnbär
    Skruf Super White #2 Slim Björnbär
  8. Skruf Super White #3 Slim Polar
    Skruf Super White #3 Slim Polar
  9. Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Extra Strong
    Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Extra Strong
  10. Skruf Strong White
    Skruf Strong White
  11. Skruf Strong
    Skruf Strong
  12. Skruf Super White Cassice Slim
    Skruf Super White Cassice Slim
  13. Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Strong
    Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Strong
  14. Skruf Super White Slim Fresh
    Skruf Super White Slim Fresh
  15. Skruf Super Slim Fresh White
    Skruf Super Slim Fresh White
  16. Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White
    Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White
  17. Skruf Fresh White Slim
    Skruf Fresh White Slim
  18. Skruf Cranberry White
    Skruf Cranberry White
  19. Skruf Strong Loose
    Skruf Strong Loose
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