R4VE Caffeine and Nicotine pouches

R4VE Nicotine and Caffeine pouches

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Buy snus to Canada

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buy zeus snus at snus24

General snus at snus24

General snus at snus24

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  1. VELO Freeze X-Strong Slim
    VELO Freeze X-Strong Slim
  2. VELO Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim
    VELO Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim
  3. VIKA Deep Blue Frozen Mint
    VIKA Deep Blue Frozen Mint
    100% of 100
  4. VIKA Pink Mojito
    VIKA Pink Mojito
  5. Siberia Red White Dry
    Siberia Red White Dry
    83% of 100
  6. Skruf Superwhite no.54 Fresh Mint Xtra Strong
    Skruf Superwhite no.54 Fresh Mint Xtra Strong
  7. Odens Cold Extreme White
    Odens Cold Extreme White
New Products
  1. ONE Grå White
    ONE Grå White
    Out of stock
  2. Kapten Frostmint Extra Strong
    Kapten Frostmint Extra Strong
  3. Killa Flash Melon
    Killa Flash Melon
  4. Killa Flash Pineapple
    Killa Flash Pineapple
  5. Killa Flash Strawberry Lychee
    Killa Flash Strawberry Lychee
  6. Killa Flash Cappuccino
    Killa Flash Cappuccino
  7. HELWIT Cola
    HELWIT Cola
  8. HELWIT Blueberry
    HELWIT Blueberry
  9. ZEUS Mint Rage Strong
    ZEUS Mint Rage Strong
    Out of stock
  10. ZEUS Frozen Citrus Strong
    ZEUS Frozen Citrus Strong

Buy snus online with fast delivery on

Snus is a popular non-smoking tobacco product around the world. At you can buy Swedish snus online available for delivery in more than 190 countries, including the USA. In the catalog, you can find products from well-known manufacturers such as General, Phantom, or Fiedler & Lundgren at surprisingly low prices. By ordering snus online, you can have your package delivered to the address you specify in a short time.

What is snus and what you need to know

Snus is a special kind of non-smoking tobacco. To saturate the body with nicotine, it is put between the upper or lower lip and the gum for between 15 minutes and several hours. It is in demand all over the world, but in Norway and Sweden, because of restrictive regulations concerning cigarettes, snus is especially popular.

The technology of Swedish snus production has been known since the 19th century. It is made using naturally dried tobacco leaves of different varieties, which are crushed and poured with water. Then salts (for example sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate), humectants, soda, and flavorings must be added to this mixture. This mass is steamed for 24 to 36 hours. Thanks to this technology, the tobacco is not fermented, which reduces the generation of carcinogens.

Today, this type of tobacco product falls under Sweden's Food Law, so the same high-quality standards apply to its production as to food.

Snus is sold in two varieties:

  • "loose snus" - in the form of a wet powder;
  • "portioned snus" - tobacco packaged in sachets, so it does not mix with saliva.

Snus is used as an alternative to smoking, as a stimulant, and to quit smoking. But its main advantage is that it can be used in public places, on a plane, in a mine, and in other places forbidden for smoking.

A variety of best snus in our online store

In Scandinavia smokeless tobacco is as much in demand as filtered cigarettes. We offer a wide range of snus from different manufacturers. The biggest one is Swedish Match, which is the world's most famous producer of smokeless tobacco products. Also, at you can buy snus online from world-famous brands such as:

  • General;
  • Al Capone;
  • Siberia;
  • Odens;
  • Jakobsson's;
  • Röda Lacket;
  • Ettan.

There is also the famous snus variety Prima Fint from the brand Göteborgs, for the preparation of which the manufacturer uses tobacco fine grinding with a slightly sweet, but neutral flavor with notes of fruit and briar.

You can order loose snus to make your own portions. There are also various kinds of portioned snus available:

  • original;
  • white;
  • white dry;
  • slim;
  • large;
  • super slim;
  • mini.

The latest innovation on the snus market is the tobacco-free and all-white nicotine packets. They don't stain your teeth with tobacco plaque while guaranteeing the same pleasant sensation as regular snus varieties.

Discover our huge brand and variety of products

For maximum customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range of high-quality products in different categories. We always have scoops, bags, and cans for storing tobacco products, as well as the handy Snus Xtool. It allows you to place the desired amount of tobacco under your lip easily. Whatever your needs are, if you want to buy snus online, you've found the right seller.

Order high quality snus through the online store delivers snus all over the world, including the USA (except the EU and other places where snus is banned). Our customers are our main priority, and we take full responsibility for our products and deliveries. Our goal is to provide you with the lowest price possible. We also want our customers and others to feel safe and confident with us and the business we do.

All the products you find at can be paid for online. We currently offer credit cards (Visa / Master / Amex) and prepayment as payment options. Your payment information is encrypted and in our safe hands.

To place an order with us, you must be 18 years old or older (19 years or older in some states). The required minimum age may vary, please check with your local authorities.

You are responsible as the importer of the products, and it is your responsibility to keep track of possible charges, such as customs and/or taxes. If this is your first order with us, we will make sure that you know the import and customs regulations of the local authorities beforehand.

Please note that goods may be subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities. Snus24 is not responsible if the item has been confiscated by customs or other authorities. Nor can you receive a refund if your products have been returned to us.

If you want to read more information about the ordering process, go to the "FAQ" menu, where you will find many answers to frequently asked questions. Also, for any questions regarding "buy snus online", our team is available to help you by phone +46 (0) 733 400388 or by email The contact form can be found in the bottom right corner of our website.