Gotlandssnus is best known for its popular premium snus label called Jakobssons snus, whose popularity has spread throughout Sweden and far abroad.

Snus Jakobssons Origin

Jakobssons is a modern view of the old snus traditions. Chewing tobacco of this brand is produced by the well-known company Gotlandssnus AB.

As a reputable tobacco company from Sweden, its main task was to ensure high quality of snus, adding more interesting tastes and flavors. The company has a reputation as a premium snus organization for no reason. They launched snus Jakobssons production in 2008, succeeding in capturing most of the American market.

The snus catches your eye with a distinctive style. It is decorated with vintage fonts and four compass arrows that symbolize the four sides of the world. The design of the snus tablet is associated with the past times when brave sailors were sailing their ships from country to country, making deals, and trading tobacco.

Why Choose Jakobssons Snus?

  • Jakobssons is a relatively new Swedish brand that offers a wide range of quality products on Jakobssons snus shop. Not many products can boast such a wide range of flavors.
  • This brand is also known for top-quality snus in extraordinary packaging.
  • The strength of Jacobssons is rated as a medium which is good for heavy smokers and beginners.

Snus Jacobssons Effect

The nicotine experience is 4 out of 5 compared to similar Swedish snus creations. Jakobssons give a good nicotine hint and burn when you first put in. The sachets are super comfortable. The flavor is very fresh, sometimes sweet with a slight tobacco taste. Some people consider the mint flavor overly sweet. But you can buy Jakobssons snus online and disagree. You’ll surely appreciate it if you like mint flavors. The strength of Jakobssons starts from 14-16 mg/g.

Snus Jakobssons Tastes

The benefits of Jakobsson mixture lie in its traditional recipes. But their success would be impossible without finding new directions of development. Their experiments were successful and new innovative flavors appeared.

Not every manufacturer can offer such a wide selection of flavors as Jakobssons snus usa market already has.

Blueberry and Vanilla

Meet an original portioned brown snus with a blueberry taste. Actually, you can also feel a pure tobacco flavor with the scent of berries, vanilla, and grapes. If you like sweet or fruity flavors, this chewing mixture is just for you. The taste lasts for an hour. The aroma of blueberries disappears rather quickly, and the vanilla aroma remains for long. This snus is rated as medium strength that is equal to 14 mg/g.

Dynamite Extra Strong

This is a super powerful chewing mixture with a bright bergamot flavor.

Mint Strong

The strong mint-flavored snus will impress you with its cooling effect and sweet peppermint sounds. This is a unique combination when you can feel a classic nicotine flavor and bright herbal notes.

Melon Strong Portion

If you want Jakobssons snus buy online, try melon. This is an optimal chewing mixture for those who are seeking the tastiest snuff recipe. Interesting taste, convenient packaging, and a legendary brand name - that's what makes it such a cool thing. Feel free to contact snus24.com!

Cola Strong

Your favorite cola taste is in Jakobssons now! This variant will be great for people who want to add some sweet sound to their chewing tobacco but don’t like fruits and berries. Here, the refreshing Coke taste is blended with fresh tobacco. Quick delivery is guaranteed by snus24.com.

Wintergreen Strong

This is a premium Jakobssons label that is available in a refreshing wintergreen flavor. The taste is very similar to mint but stronger. Buy Jakobssons online and feel a real mint power in every portion.

Who Are Jakobssons Products Good For?

How often do you smoke? If you smoke from time to time and want to try something weaker than cigarettes, try Jakobssons of medium strength or even low strength. If you have never dealt with chewing tobacco, check the Jakobssons snus price. If you decide to buy, you’ll have to pay about $3.99 per can.

Buy Snus Jakobssons In Our Store

Snus24.com is your reliable friend and supplier of the best chewing tobacco at great prices. We are glad to deliver snus quickly to any corner of the country. We offer our customers the best cost Jakobssons snus, quality materials, and the best stylish packaging. Place an order right now by filling out the appropriate form on our website.

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    Jakobssons Wintergreen White Slim
  3. Jakobssons Strong Cola
    Jakobssons Strong Cola
  4. Jakobssons Mint Strong
    Jakobssons Mint Strong
  5. Jakobssons Wintergreen Strong
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