ZYN snus is a no-tobacco replacement for smoking and chewing. This Swedish brand is legal and available to ship all over the USA and Europe.

Snus ZYN Origin

Snus is well-known chewing tobacco, placed in small cellulose sachets. They are just like standard tea bags we all are used to, spreading flavor into the mouth. The nicotine from the dose gets into your blood through the gums, not the lungs. It’s an absolutely genius idea to quit smoking and start chewing instead with no harm to others.

Snus ZYN is considered a high-quality product with no tobacco that is just a bit different from the original tobacco-in goods. It is interesting to know that the first nicotine powder that was widely distributed in the USA was branded ZYN, created in 2014 by Swedish Match. Typical ZYN is a thin white bag that contains a white powdered substance in strengths of 3 and 6 mg.

Why Choose ZYN Snus?

  • Good for kissing and your smell is fresh and tasty.
  • The strongest ZYN gives 18 mg/g which is considered acceptable for both, heavy smokers and nonsmokers.
  • You feel the snus flavor for 1-2 hours after you remove the pouch.
  •  The white powder doesn’t muddy up your teeth.

Snus ZYN Effect

If you are going to buy ZYN snus online you should get maximum information about this product. ZYN sachets are called white snus as they are snow-white in color and surprisingly don’t contain any tobacco. How do they do it? The nicotine is taken from fresh tobacco leaves and carefully added to the cellulose bags with salt and plant fibers.

As a rule, ZYN strength is equal to 12 mg/g and has two best-requested flavors to choose from. They are fruit and classic menthol that both are available in standard and slim versions or even in multi-packs.

ZYN snus price for standard packaging starts from $3-4 per can, depending on your chosen taste.

Snus ZYN Tastes

The chewing pods are placed under the lip and absorbed through the gums into the blood. You can use each pod several times. Each tablet has a special place to store already used sachets. So, what about the main flavors that ZYN snus shop offers?

Cool Mint

Extra Strong Cool Mint

The creator promises you’ll feel a super-strong cooling effect with the sound of fresh peppermint. The practice shows this extra strong version is worth trying. You shouldn’t worry about your fresh breath and fresh mouth. Of course, the burning effect lasts for the first 30 seconds. Then, you can enjoy the nicotine treatment for a good hour.


ZYN snus usa shops offer this delicious taste to all nonsmokers and everyone who appreciates citrus flavors. Actually, you’ll get an absolutely identical result as with Cool Mint but more sweet and interesting. The sachets are very aromatic with a slight sound of ripe oranges and lemons.


The pouches of this taste have a light sweet spearmint sound, which is very similar to mint gum. The herbal flavor is masterfully combined with a nicotine consistent effect that lasts for 20-30 minutes. When compared to other ZYN snus buy in snus24.com the dose of nicotine is not high at all but still, satisfying.

Who Are ZYN Products Good For?

If you aren't addicted to cigarettes and don’t like a pure tobacco taste, you can buy ZYN online and appreciate its no-tobacco technology. This is your chance to vape and smoke in a very discreet way. The strength of ZYN products is equal to light and medium. And their sweet fruity tastes will suit even nonsmokers.

Buy Snus ZYN In Our Store

Nicotine pods are commonly referred to as modern chewing nicotine products and are highly represented in the snus24.com stores. On top of all these snus varieties, ZYN products come in the widest range of flavors. Here, the cost ZYN snus starts from $3.89 per can. We offer the largest smokeless tobacco selection online. What is more, we ship snuff orders worldwide and you’ll enjoy your favorite snus taste as soon as possible.

Contact us because we have:

  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Adequate prices and great discounts
  • Fresh products ONLY

Remember, non-tobacco snus cannot be sold to people under 18 even despite its lack of tobacco!

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  1. ZYN Fresh Mint
    ZYN Fresh Mint
  2. ZYN Cucumber Lime
    ZYN Cucumber Lime
  3. ZYN Apple mini 3mg
    ZYN Apple mini 3mg
  4. ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 3 mg
    ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 3 mg
  5. ZYN Cool Mint Mini Super Strong
    ZYN Cool Mint Mini Super Strong
  6. ZYN Gold Mini 6mg
    ZYN Gold Mini 6mg
  7. ZYN Gold Mini 3mg
    ZYN Gold Mini 3mg
  8. ZYN Black Cherry Mini 3mg
    ZYN Black Cherry Mini 3mg
    ZYN Violet Licorice Slim
  10. ZYN Mini Espressino Strong
    ZYN Mini Espressino Strong
  11. ZYN Slim Northern Woods
    ZYN Slim Northern Woods
  12. ZYN Slim Lemon Spritz
    ZYN Slim Lemon Spritz
  13. ZYN Mini Espressino
    ZYN Mini Espressino
  14. ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry
    ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry
  15. ZYN Slim Apple Mint
    ZYN Slim Apple Mint
  16. ZYN Slim Ginger Blood Orange
    ZYN Slim Ginger Blood Orange
  17. ZYN Cool Mint Mini 6mg
    ZYN Cool Mint Mini 6mg
  18. ZYN Cool Mint Mini 3mg
    ZYN Cool Mint Mini 3mg
  19. ZYN Black Cherry Mini 6mg
    ZYN Black Cherry Mini 6mg
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  20. ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 6 mg
    ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 6 mg
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