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Healthy eating, an active lifestyle and sufficient sleep - health-conscious behaviour is becoming a real trend these days. Everyone knows the rules of healthy living, but the question is different: Can a healthy and active life also be enjoyable? Or if you want to start behaving healthier, you should stop using tobacco products immediately.  The answer seems to be yes.  But we can't forget that tobacco companies want to keep up with the times and satisfy all the needs and wishes of consumers. As soon as the popularity of a healthier lifestyle increased, tobacco companies, and especially snus manufacturers, began to think about how to make snus a healthier product. Within a few years, nicotine-free and tobacco-free varieties of snus appeared on the market. Their most important task is to help all snus users who want to stop using strong snus.

Nicotine Free Snus

Nicotine-free snus is considered as the best alternative for all health-conscious people who are also snus enthusiasts. As the name implies, these portions contain no nicotine at all. But how is this possible? There are two ways and each manufacturer chooses the best one based on their opinion. It may seem a little surprising to you, but nicotine-free tobacco plants are really grown. As historical researchers claim, tobacco plants with a low nicotine content were already being cultivated in Germany in 1927.  But it was not until 2003 in Argentina that plants that were completely free of nicotine were successfully selected by genetic manipulation. However, these tobacco leaves are mainly used in the production of cigarettes. Snus growers prefer to produce snus from the fibers of other plants. 

Tobacco Free Snus with Nicotine

All white snus, nicotine pouches, Super White Snus or nicotine sachets - if you see such a label on the box, then you can be sure - is tobacco-free snus right in front of your eyes. Tobacco-free snus is a type of Scandinavian product in the tobacco product category that is suitable for oral use, but is non tobacco snus at all. It is important to note that there is both nicotine-free and tobacco-free snus and that they are not the same product. All nicotine-free snus is of course tobacco-free, but not all tobacco-free snus is nicotine-free. There are also tobaccoless snus or herbal snus. Some brands of snus are completely tobacco-free, but with nicotine. The tobacco-free snus sachet contains the special mixture of :

  • natural plant fibers,
  • fresh aromas,
  • various fillers,
  • in some cases, nicotine.

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    Nordic Spirit Mocha
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  2. Nordic Spirit Strawberry
    Nordic Spirit Strawberry
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  3. White FOX Peppered Mint
    White FOX Peppered Mint
  4. Infiniti Mint
    Infiniti Mint
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  5. LYFT Mini Royal Purple
    LYFT Mini Royal Purple
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  6. Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong
    Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong
  7. Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong
    Loop Mint Mania Extra Strong
  8. Loop Mint Mania Strong
    Loop Mint Mania Strong
  9. Shiro Cuba Libre
    Shiro Cuba Libre
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  10. Shiro Mojito
    Shiro Mojito
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  11. Shiro Pina Colada
    Shiro Pina Colada
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  12. Swave Daiquiri Slim
    Swave Daiquiri Slim
  13. Swave Tropic Spritz Slim
    Swave Tropic Spritz Slim
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  14. LYFT Blonde Roast Slim
    LYFT Blonde Roast Slim
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  15. LYFT London Flair Slim
    LYFT London Flair Slim
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  16. YOYO New York Mint
    YOYO New York Mint
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  17. YOYO London Lime Strawberry Mint
    YOYO London Lime Strawberry Mint
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  18. YOYO Havana Mojito
    YOYO Havana Mojito
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  19. Pablo Ice Cool
    Pablo Ice Cool
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  20. Killa Cool Mint
    Killa Cool Mint
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