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Although snus has a long history and is considered a traditional tobacco product, it has undergone many changes in recent decades. It all began when a manufacturer introduced portions of snus to the market. This strongly encouraged the introduction of further innovations in the snus production process. In this way, portioned snus was first divided into two types : Original Portion (its surface is moist, it has a dark color and allows faster tasting) and White Portion (this variety has a drier surface, but its moisture content is higher, allowing slower but more consistent nicotine and taste than the Original). And later, a third variety of snus was developed - All White Portion.

All White Portion Snus - original taste of snus

After the appearance of this snus variety on the market, All White Portion Snus is becoming more and more popular - and no wonder. This snus has many advantages. The main advantage is that a snuser can use All White without smiling with brown teeth. This drier snus releases much less tobacco juice, but in any case, it gives a long-lasting taste, while the smell of tobacco is not as noticeable.  The reason is that the white portion is made from a combination (of a lower proportion of tobacco than other types of traditional snus and cellulose).

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