WHITE FOX snus is a completely tobacco-free and super-strong product that offers the refreshing aroma of spearmint. It is filled with tobacco-free plant fibers instead of tobacco and is therefore tobacco-free.

The history of snus WHITE FOX 

The long history and long-standing traditions of the use of snus are well known in Scandinavian countries. Some of the pioneer snus manufacturers keep to the tradition and bring traditional snus products to the market. But our world does not stand still, and this also applies to the snus industry. Some progressive manufacturers abandon tradition and introduce numerous innovations.

Snus WHITE FOX can be called a new era in the snus market. WHITE FOX is tobacco-free white snus with an amazing cooling mint aroma similar to an ice storm in the Alps. It is produced by the Swedish company GN Tobacco, which is popular in Switzerland for its world-famous and high-quality Siberia and Odens snuff. Its first all-white snus, WHITE FOX, was released in 2019.

WHITE FOX snus effect

White Fox is completely white snus that does not contain a single gram of tobacco and has a pronounced cooling mint flavor, reminiscent of an ice storm in the Alps. The small and very soft pads fit comfortably under your lip and produce a pleasant cooling effect. They are invisible, but you may feel a slight tingling sensation. They do not contain tobacco, that's true, but they still contain nicotine and produce a flavor similar to traditional snus.

This product is also known for a high nicotine level and strong nicotine punch. When you open the can, you are greeted with a fresh, mild minty scent. The portions are small but soft and comfortable. You will notice a slight burn and slight cooling on the lip. The taste is pleasant, soft, slightly sweetish.

Why do people choose WHITE FOX snus?

The launch of the WHITE FOX snus usa seems to start a new era in the snus industry. Pure White Nicotine pouches are very unique - they do not cause teeth discoloration, so you can enjoy the taste and sensation of snus for longer. Although this snus does not contain tobacco, this does not mean that it is nicotine-free snus. This snus has a relatively high nicotine content and therefore gives the consumer the desired nicotine boost. The innovative snus substance has several advantages over traditional tobacco blends, here are some of them:

  • A pleasant feeling of coldness, caused by its refreshing ice-cold scent.
  • Slim portions format - unobtrusive and convenient.
  • Since no tobacco is used in the filling for WHITE FOX, the pouches always remain white. This eliminates the potential risk of tooth discoloration.

Snus WHITE FOX taste range

The taste range of WHITE FOX is pretty nice. It includes White Fox black, full charge all white, peppered mint, double mint slim all white. All of them have different flavors; if you want to find the best one for yourself, it is recommended to try each.

Each option contains 16mg of nicotine.

Who is this product good for?

If you are interested in WHITE FOX snus buy, we should also mention that it is suitable for lovers of white tobacco. And for lovers of medium-strength snus. Many people like it because of the sensations it brings. There is no heartburn and bitterness, which is good.

Buy WHITE FOX snus in our store

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this snus, you can buy WHITE FOX snus online from the snus24.com store. This is not just a WHITE FOX snus shop. Here you will find a wide range of snus brands and tastes at reasonable prices, easy ordering and quick delivery.

If you want to experience a new, innovative pleasure, you don't have to think twice: buy WHITE FOX online and you will be completely satisfied.

Verdict of WHITE FOX snus

All in all, WHITE FOX is a nice, modern, and high-quality choice that would bring lots of pleasure due to its fresh taste and powerful nicotine dose. Moreover, the effect is expected to last for an hour or even more! What we haven't mentioned yet is WHITE FOX snus price. The average cost WHITE FOX snus is 4.19USD per can. So, give it a try!

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  3. White Fox Double Mint Slim All White
    White Fox Double Mint Slim All White
  4. White Fox Full Charge All White
    White Fox Full Charge All White
  5. White Fox Portion Snus Tobacco Free
    White FOX
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