ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry

ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry Slim Nicotine Pouch offers a classic and refreshing experience with a sweet, full-bodied taste of spearmint, complemented by fresh peppermint and menthol. With a normal strength and 4mg nicotine per gram, this mini all-white format provides a satisfying and invigorating sensation. Each 8g can ensures a discreet and enjoyable usage.

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  • 1 piece 6,90 CHF/piece
  • -6% 10-pack 6,50 CHF /piece
  • -17% 30-pack 5,70 CHF /piece
  • -20% 60-pack 5,50 CHF /piece
  • -28% 120-pack 5,00 CHF /piece
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6,90 CHF
ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry
ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry

Flavor Profile: ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry Slim is a timeless classic with a sweet, round, and full-bodied taste of spearmint. This refreshing flavor is enhanced by the addition of fresh peppermint and menthol, providing a well-balanced and invigorating experience.

Format Description: In a convenient mini all-white format, ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry Slim offers a discreet and comfortable fit under your lip. The pouches are designed to provide a healthy experience with a cold sensation, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

Nicotine Level: With a nicotine level of 4mg per gram, ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry Slim delivers a normal strength kick. The carefully crafted nicotine content ensures a satisfying experience without being overpowering.


  • Brand: ZYN
  • Type: Nicotine Pouch
  • Format: Mini All White
  • Taste: Spearmint, Mint (with fresh peppermint and menthol)
  • Nicotine Level: 4mg/g
  • Content: 8g per can
  • Strength: Normal
  • Experience: Sweet, round, and full-bodied taste
  • Sensation: Cold feeling under the lip
Weitere Informationen
Nikotin (mg/g)4mg
Content (g/can)8g
Content typeNicotine
TYPAll White
ManufacturerSwedish Match
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