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In Switzerland, Siberia Snus can only be purchased if you buy from overseas internet shops. It is therefore all the more important to turn to someone who offers consistently high quality, acceptable delivery conditions and low prices. All this is available at Our webshop specializes in the sale of Siberia Snus and other popular products and offers you the possibility to order your favorite tobacco around the clock via the internet. We look forward to your purchase!

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Siberia Snus enjoys a strong reputation like among snus lovers. The GN Tobacco brand stands for quality tobacco products with incomparably strong aromas. The current snus variations, be it the above-mentioned "Slim" or the "White Portion" which is very popular with our customers, are highly appreciated by consumers all around the globe. The reason for this is the intense effect that the tobacco unfolds: With a pinch of Siberia Snus from our webshop, you can quickly get your circulation back on track when you have just got a sag or want to give yourself a kick. Many oral snuff fans around the world always have a can of Siberia Snus at hand, so they can draw on a product that does not miss its effect. In a nutshell: Siberia Snus comes in handy at any time.