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In Scandinavia, Snus is just as widespread as filter cigarettes or handrolling tobacco. The moist snuff is available in numerous varieties and has a long tradition: the oldest Snus variety, Ljunglöfs Ettan, has been around for 200 years. Due to the restrictive regulations concerning cigarettes, Snus is very popular, especially in Norway and Sweden, but also in Switzerland it enjoys an ever-increasing popularity.

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What you need to know about Snus

In the production of snus, air-dried tobaccos of various origins are used, which are ground and subsequently provided with water. Snus has been heat treated and not fermented since the 19th century. After the heat treatment, salts (e.g. sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate) and other adjuvants (e.g. glycerol) and aromas are added to the tobacco. This method keeps the costs low and, on the other hand, ensures an authentic taste. Another advantage is that the nitrosamine content of the tobacco remains low. Snus is subject to the Swedish Food Act, which is why the same high quality standards apply as for fruit or vegetables.

Snus is sold either as a moist powder also known as „loose snus“, or as prepackaged into pouches (also known as „portion snus“) placed between the oral mucosa and the upper lip where it is held for some time. In this way, the tobacco does not mix with the saliva. Snus is used as an alternative to smoking and as a stimulant as well as for smoking cessation. Some users "snuff" several hours at a time, while others hold the snus under the lip for only about 15 minutes. The sodium hydrogen carbonate serves to maintain a pH value of about 8 in the mouth, which promotes the absorption of the nicotine contained in the tobacco.

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The famous Snus brand Göteborgs Prima Fint, which has been available exclusively in its own form since its market introduction about 100 years ago, is a real tip for connoisseurs. The snus can easily be formed into a bale and clamped under the upper lip, making the Prima Fint an ideal product for beginners. The finely ground tobacco has a slightly sweet, yet neutral flavor and boasts notes of fruits and rose hips.