Byron White

Byron White Portion snus with a hand-picked and air-dried tobacco directly from Cuba. Taste-wise offers the snuff in a clean, dark hints of aromatic tobacco and a hint of citrus. The tobacco and manufacturing invites you to a long-standing tradition of the Cuban cigar production. When tobacco was picked in Cuba purifies it through the Norwegian spring water, then making Swedish snus of it.

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Byron White
Byron White

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Byron White Portion is the white variant of the Swedish-made snus, the main ingredient of which is air-dried tobacco from Cuba. Byron White Portion is a snuff of hand picked and air dried tobacco directly from Cuba. Tastefully, the snus offers a clean and dark touch of aromatic tobacco and a hint of citrus. Tobacco and manufacturing process invite a long tradition of Cuban cigar production. Once the tobacco has been picked up in Cuba, it is cleansed through Norwegian spring water, then made Swedish snuff.

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Nicotine (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)20g
ManufacturerSP Tobacco
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