Granit Strong White

Granit Strong White have a strong tobacco character that gives a greater experience. In white portions, moisture is maintained inside the pouch to give a long lasting snus experience.

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Granit Strong White
Granit Strong White

Buy Swedish snus Granit White (Vit) Portion

Granit is a snus brand that was released in april 2004 by Fiedler & Lundgren.

It comes in both portion and loose variety and houses over 8 varieties in it's collection. With tobacco from both North and South America as well as parts of Africa and Asia, Fiedler & Lundgren has chosen premium tobacco for it's prime export snus. The three biggest sellers are Granit Portion, Granit Vit Portion and Granit Lös (loose).

Granit Portion is a classic portion snus with a real and strong taste of tobacco. Somewhat pepperish in taste, Granit Portion is perfect for the experienced snuser. Granit Vit Portion is somewhat milder in taste, with a white portion bag that holds flavor for a long time without getting too runny. With hints of bergamot and citrus it's a perfect snus for every occasion. Granit Loose is the no frills delivery of premium tobacco in the Granit collection.

With a timeless recipe that spans over 100 years Granit Loose makes for a refined taste experience that stands the test of time. New additions to the Granit collection have arrived in the last couple of years. Like a mini, maxi and Stark ( Strong ) Portion to suit your snusing needs. Granit has also released a Granit Special, a white portion snus with a slight tone of licorice. All Granit cans come in a plastic can with a unique design with a fold that makes for ease of use when opening the lid for discarded snus. Granit is a placeholder for it's quality product and good price range.

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More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)12mg
Content (g/can)17.6g
Content typeTobacco
ManufacturerFiedler & Lundgren
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