Grov White

Grov White Portion, just like the name suggests a slightly more coarse snus. It is the choice for those who want a little more 'feeling' under the lip. Grov White Portion, just like all White snus, is not make the final stage of the production, where all portions are moistened. Therefore, Grov White is slightly less moist than the original Grov Portion.

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Grov White
Grov White Grov White Grov White Grov White Grov White

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A pure tobacco flavor, together with a coarsely ground tobacco, make up the character of Grov snus. Already from an early stage, Grov snus was a blend of coarse and finely-ground tobaccos. Wilhelm Hellgren began his career in an office at Aperlins tobacco factory in Stockholm. During his younger years, he soaked up every bit of knowledge a tobacco maker ought to possess, and started his own manufacturing in 1840. In 1844, Johan Bäckström of Umeå started as an office worker at tobacco manufacturer W:m Hellgren & C., and a quick five years later became partner and co-owner of the firm.

W:m Hellgren & Co enjoyed rapid success, and within ten years he was heading the country’s third-largest factory with its own retail stores in the centre of Stockholm and on Södermalm. In 1851, Wilhelm Hellgren set off for other pastures, leaving Johan Bäckström as sole owner of the firm he started. One of the snus brands made by W:m Hellgren & Co was Grovt snus, a popular snus up north. The Grov snus of today has its origin in this thiscoarsely-ground snus recipe. Grov has been a trademark since 1872, when it was still sold in its original loose form. Grov Original Portion was launched in 1983, and was followed twenty years later by Grov White Portion. The latest addition to the family is Grov Stark Portion, launched 2013.

Information about the product - Rough White Portion
Coarse White Portion, is exactly as the name suggests a slightly more coarse snuff. It is the choice for those who want a little more 'feel' under the lip. Coarse White Portion undergoes, like any White snus, not the last stage of production where all portions moisturized. Therefore Coarse White slightly less humid than the original Rough Portion.
Facts about product
Brand Rough
Product White portion
Normal Strength
Nicotine 8 mg / g
Contents / box 21.6 g
Snustyp White Portion
size Original
Producer Swedish Match

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)21.6g
Content typeTobacco
ManufacturerSwedish Match
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