Islay Whisky Loose

Islay Whisky Snus was born in December 2013 and since then, the company has worked hard to develop a loose snus. The company is happy to introduce a new product they are proud of. A loose snus with whiskey flavor. Made of snus, for snus users. The tobacco used in this particular snus has been handled in the heating room during the production process, pasteurizing resulting in a cleaner and clearer taste. The snus is packaged in a metal box and each box is labeled with a specific number.

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Islay Whisky loose snus! A tobacco expert encounters a producer from the north and old craft traditions brought to life and blended with innovation. Good and tasty tobacco taken from Jamtland. The tobacco stored in barrels from Islay and produced snus according to old traditions.

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Nicotine (mg/g)12mg
Content (g/can)50g
BrandIslay Whisky
ManufacturerGN Tobacco
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