Kapten Licorice White

Kapten white licorice is a new snus, but the development has been based on a thinning acquired over five generations. Kapten White licorice contains 24 white portions of tobacco flavor and a clear licorice character.

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Kapten Licorice White
Kapten Licorice White

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Kapten licorice white is a Swedish novel snus, but the development has been based on the knowhow acquired by 5 generations’ experience manufacturing Swedish snus. Kapten licorice white is a truly traditional snus, but the taste has been given a modern twist making Kapten licorice white a snus of this century. Buy Kapten snus with Snus 24 today!

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Nicotine (mg/g)10mg
Content (g/can)16.8g
ManufacturerAG Snus
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