LD 30 White

60% of 100

LD 30 White Portion has the same flavor base as LD White Portion, solid with 30 portions per package. LD 30 White Portion is manufactured by Nordic Snus in Vårgårda, Sweden. In addition to White Portion, LD 30 is also available as Original Portion

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LD 30 White
LD 30 White LD 30 White LD 30 White LD 30 White LD 30 White

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LD White Portion 30 has the same smakbas LD Original Portion. The difference is that it contains 24 grams of snuff, or portions 30, hence the name.

LD White Portion 30 is manufactured by JTI in Vårgårda, southern Sweden. LD 30 is also available as Original Portion.

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Nicotine (mg/g)8mg
Content (g/can)24g
ManufacturerNordic Snus
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