LD Salmiak

LD Salmiak Portion is a snus with a taste of salmiak/licorice. The taste is relatively mild, and is mostly aimed at the snus, who prefer a taste of salt liquorice. LD Salmiak Portion is manufactured by Nordic Snus, which has its factory located in Vårgårda, southern Sweden.

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LD Salmiak
LD Salmiak LD Salmiak LD Salmiak LD Salmiak LD Salmiak

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Salmiak LD White Portion snus with a mild tobacco flavor. This snuff has also seasoned with liquorice and may appeal to those who like salty liquorice.

LD White Portion Salmiak produced by Japan Tobacco International (JTI).

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Nicotine (mg/g) 8mg
Content (g/can) 18g
Format Normal
Type Original
Brand LD
Manufacturer Nordic Snus
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