Odens 59 Extreme Loose

Oden's 59 Extreme Loose is a very strong snus. Just like the rest of Oden's range, Oden's 59 Extreme has the same spicy and traditional tobacco flavor. Just Oden's 59 Extreme Loose is something flavored with cinnamon without creating a totally dominated aroma.

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USD 2.81
Odens 59 Extreme Loose
Odens 59 Extreme Loose

Buy Odens 59 Extreme Loose, Odens Loose Snus

Oden's 59 Extreme loose is a very strong snus . Like the rest of Odin 's range has Oden 's Extreme loose the spicy and tradional tobacco flavor. Just Oden's 59 Extreme Solve is flavored with cinnamon , but to the part to be the most predominant flavor. 

Nicotine content 22 mg/g 
Content per box : 40 g 
Moisture content: about 53 %

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g) 22mg
Content (g/can) 40g
Format Loose
Brand Odens
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
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