Odens No3 Extreme Loose

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Oden's No3 Extreme Loose is a new loose snus developed by GN Tobacco. No3 has a classic tobacco flavor where a touch of bergamot adds extra taste to the snus. With a total nicotine content of 22 mg/g, this is a very strong snus. The can has a new design inspired by Nordic mythology.

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Odens No3 Extreme Loose
Odens No3 Extreme Loose

Buy Odens No3 Extre Loose Snus, Extreme strong

As loose type of snus, Extreme No 3 Los has a very fine grind. The finishing touches can make it somewhat difficult to form parts but a Icetool solves this trouble quite easily. Manufactured by GN Tobacco, Extreme No 3 Los Oden is the latest addition in the line of Oden of snus and is the result of consumers for a Oden branded search with pure tobacco flavor. As a fan of tobacco snuff snus dominant brandsThe is therefore quite damp and this Produces a rapid and strong nicotine buzz did the sums similarly experienced while smoking a experience a strong nicotine buzz

Nicotine Content 22mg/g 
Contents per box : 40 g 
Moisture content: about 53 %

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g) 22mg
Content (g/can) 40g
Format Loose
Brand Odens
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
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