Odens No3 Loose

Oden's No3 Loose is a loose snus developed by GN Tobacco. No3 has a classic tobacco flavor where a touch of Bergamott adds extra character to the snus. A snus that can bring your mind to high quality!

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Odens No3 Loose
Odens No3 Loose

Buy Odens No3 Loose, Loose snus from Sweden

Oden's No. 3 loose is a new snus developed by GN Tobacco. Odens No.3 snus has a traditional tobacco flavor basically and bergamot which gives freshness to the snus.

The nicotine content of 9 mg/g 
Contents per box : 40 g 
Moisture content: about 53 %


More Information
Nicotine (mg/g) 9mg
Content (g/can) 40g
Format Loose
Brand Odens
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
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