Offroad Apple White Mini

Offroad Apple White Mini Snus is a mini snus with a pure taste of apple. Portion bags are small and white which makes for the mind of other mini snus like Catch and Mocca. The big difference lies in the flavor, which is emphasized by the clear smell and aroma of the snus. Offroad Apple White mini is less like classic" snus and more like newer types that the producers started experimenting a little more with."

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Offroad Apple White Mini
Offroad Apple White Mini Offroad Apple White Mini

Buy Offroad Swedish Snus

If you are looking for exiting new taste sensations. Offroad is the snus for you. The Offroad brand has the largest variety of unique flavors, each one distinctive, suprising, and are delightful. Offroad snus is available in mini portion, original portion, white portion and loose snus. Offroad snus is definitly a bargain!

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Nicotine (mg/g) 8mg
Content (g/can) 6g
Format Mini
Type White
Brand Offroad
Manufacturer V2 Tobacco
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